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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: The Facebook Libra hearing was bullish for Bitcoin but Alexandra Ocasio Cortez was skeptical against the Libra currency. hoki, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

0:33 Bitcoin
2:54 Libra Hearing

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  1. Ko te Moon
    Do you think the previous future self-off was to get into real BTC due to the bank run on DB, having $Billions withdrawals on a daily basis?

  2. Спасибо зa видео! Очeнь интeреcнo было cмотpеть..

  3. Someone give me a bit of background on his intro ofthinkzatyoushoulddefinitelywatchziswideoit’s obviously a long standing joke but when did it start?

  4. Nowadays shitcoins and all altcoins have become the same thing thanks to misleading fud spread by some of the more extreme bitcoin maximalists. In truth there are many cryptos that fit the description that for instance Ms Demirors just stated in congress about bitcoin, (decentralized etc.) Some “altcoins” fit her description even better like – matatika, ada or eos, as they can also have dapps run on them. Bitcoin is amazing and always will be, no doubt about it, but bitcoin maximalists are hurting the entire space with these half truths about alts. They only care about making money and not the long term positive effects bitcoin and some alts will have to our over manipulated global financial system. It would be extremely helpful to the public if thesegoodalts were pointed out as well. At least a debate should be had on it and not a blanket statement that they are all bad. Youtuber’s should get together and do a live stream and do a video about that.

  5. Please don’t give more attention to that airhead AOC. She has shown a lot of ignorance and made a lot of dramatic and non-factual statements that are hurting U.S. citizens.

  6. lso….LOVE to know what harm she’s done to US citizens. I think you might be a wee bit frightened..? Or a Hillbilly with genes that stick to the floor when you walk

  7. Bitcoin just passed 10k. I’m expecting FOMO to strike again if we pass 10.5k. As many too greedy to buy until Btc dropped below 8.5k or lower will jump in thinking they missed the correction opportunity

  8. Litecoin halvening coming up soon. Litecoin has been around a long time and still holds a number 4 spot. I would buy it before bcash or ripple.

  9. @Serdar Ateş sociopaths/Narcs are mostly smart people. Smart enough to manipulate good people into doing shiz for bad people.

  10. When i first saw your Videos i hated your Intro (The fast unclear speak thing), but now i have sth like a earwig and like it dunno why xD

  11. @gadaffi1000 are you dumb lol trump hasnt destroyed any countries like obama **squints** gadaffi that cheeto boomer might be dumb on crypto but he’s solid on everything else Democrats are corporate sellouts and AOC is just an anti American dummy

  12. @gadaffi1000 shes done irreparable damage to NYC and her district she singlehandedly scared away amazon and they lost 100 of thousands of jobs i think you might be one of those twitter commies thats deluded themselves into thinking were running concentration camps

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