BITCOIN BOUNCE?! | OFATIRAA NEWS: Donald Trump TweetsI’m Not A Fan Of Bitcoin”!!!!!

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Bitcoin News teie mahana: The president of the US, Donald Trump tweeted about Bitcoin on Twitter. I'll talk about the fact that Trump made this Bitcoin tweet and what this means for cryptocurrencies in general. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

1:01 Bitcoin Analysis
7:05 Trump!!
11:00 The Fed
14:15 Libra

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Fed Chairman Powell: Bitcoin Is A Store of Value Like Gold

Fed Chair Powell: "₿itcoin is a Store of Value Like Gold" – July 11th 2019

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BITCOIN BOUNCE?! | OFATIRAA NEWS: Donald Trump Tweets "I'm Not A Fan Of Bitcoin"!!!!!

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52 kōrero

  1. Of course he is not. Therefore Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC. He wanted the entire establishment to be dissatisfied. Conclusion that we are going in the right direction.

  2. Maybe the company that does Trumps hair transplants and make up don’t accept Crypto Currency yet 🤔😂

  3. My natural instinct when it comes to the orange buffoon or any government, mass media and banking instutions is to do the opposite.

  4. Ask Trump if J P Morgan used crypto’s or US$ to buy the $1.3 Billion worth of drugs found on their vessel?

  5. Buffett is no fan of Bitcoin either. It is also noted that Buffett missed out on a lot of tech opportunities in the past, so his word has little value when it comes to cryptocurrency.

  6. people like to bash XRP ..but what is BTC doing?…you cant exactly call it astore of valuebecause thousands of people have been screwed by buying the top.

  7. I’d love Bitcoin to become the next global currencyMy doubt is, that most of the Bitcoin right now is already in the hands of a very few, the early birds. They will become the powerful and extremely wealthy people in the future world. They will sell some in the future, but just to satisfy their own needs, because there won’t be any better store of value than BTC, matau? I fear that the total wealth distribution in the world will become much worse than the current extremely unfair situation (whakaaro ahau 5% mana 72% of total wealth right now) I don’t know how healthy that would be. Do you think it will it ever be possible that BTC will be ‘fairlydistributed throughout the world population?

  8. @Jeroen Goeijersfairly distributedis nonsense. The early investors took the risk and will be rewarded for it. The distribution of wealth never has or will be even. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Bitcoin is a far superior system.

  9. there is no way that trump wrote those tweets. the language used is too fluent , the vocab too broad and the expression of ideas too coherent.

  10. He didnt say its worthlessBut confirmed is still highly manipulableWhich we have all known.. His trust is mostly on gold standard which means having something tangible to back it upAnd unfortunately bitcoin is not gold backedEven though I invest in it

  11. @Mr Hole ok? That means nothing whatsoever. Only because that’s the case right now when its market cap is way less than gold and there are much bigger waves to come before a stability like gold is achieved. And even a store of value like gold can drop 40% in a year so what’s your point?

  12. @Truth First so when we have ablow off top” (say at 200k IF we have a next fractal bullrun).

    do you honestly think that 200k price will sustain itself??

    or do you think we will have an 80% correction??
    (with people justifiably taking profit).

    yes of course some people will get mega wealthy,,but most will LOSE money.

    also lets say there is another fractal bullrun after that to a million when all Bitcoin has been mined….

    do you think that will sustain itself? (when there is no longer any prospect of a 100, 10 or even 2x gains??

    people are in Bitcoin for the GAINS….not to store their wealth..

    the prospect of GAINS is what is propping up the price,,,,and eventually it will become harder and harder and harder to make those gains.

  13. @Truth First the only crypto doing ANYTHING of real value or adoption is XRP.

    XRP at least has the ability to sustain itself if mass adopted.

    and the XRP is a scaleable asset (unlike Bitcoin or Litecoin(which is 4X more scalable than BTC)).

    Will BTC be used for transactions??..kahore

    Is BTC decentralised?..kahore

    will BTC be used as a realistic store of value??..kahore.

    will BTC be used as a source of liquidity??…kahore.

    Is the financial system being integrated with BTC?..kahore!

    BTC only hasbrand namegoing for it..

    it is an overvaluedbrand nameproduct being propped up by name and previous results only.

  14. Yea I was thinking about that indecent also and you know damn well it probably was metals silver ,koura ,copper ,platinum. and USD and maybe some cryptsJP Morgan has tons of it all.

  15. Bitcoin just like dolar or any other fiat can be pilled up in 1 ranei 2 pukoro. Problem is how will btc circulate around if there arent any?. Dolar can be printed when there is demand. How will enconomy grow when there is no cash flow mr. Karl? Bitcoin can create more problems even world war, What country is most powerful, the one that has more cash or in future the one with more btc.

  16. @Eddie Beer yes he’s a Multibillionaire, but he inherited most of it from his Father. He’s also declared Bankruptcy more than once and hisReal estate college course” rahua.

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