Bitcoin $14,000 MASSIVE BREAKOUT FINALLY HERE!!!! | Retracement Before Next Pump?

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Carl Eric Martin (Ko te Moon)

Bitcoin $14,000 MASSIVE BREAKOUT FINALLY HERE!!!! | Retracement Before Next Pump?

39 kōrero

  1. Carl let’s get to the most important question of the day ..

    How are you doing today my man ?

  2. well done! I had mine on 8.800:(
    Now I changed into 8.900 I hope it will touch it again 🙂

  3. Serously get to bybit guys breakout is on !!! Thanks carl i was in to short positions your video notification saved me i went long at the begining of this video

  4. If all gaps get filled on the daily isnt there still one floating out there in the 6k range?

  5. Thanks for the videos Carl!
    You always speak in such easy to understand terms. I’ve been following you for a while now. You have helped me a great deal understanding Bitcoin. For that I again say thanks. Keep them coming. You do a great job!

  6. We are still very much in a descending channel. Adjust your upper trend line to the candle bodies

  7. carl, you often speak about cme futues gap and covering it, i dont understand what im missing? can you explain it ?

  8. Mauruuru koe, Carl
    Looking forward to a day i make a decent trade without going red and out like i have done so.

  9. For me there are 2 scenarios (as a long term investor):
    1) the current pump is a replay of 2017 when btc fell from 19k to about 6k and will end in a bear market (i hope that will not happen)
    2) btc is still in a bull market then we will still pump much higher to result about 100k in the next 12 months l i hope that will happen and i think it is more likely to happen looking at bitcoin halving circles

  10. Michael Patrick you do realize in order to take profit, someone else bought it?? People are buying this pump due to FOMO. If there is a dump, it won’t last long

  11. well now every one say it will hit 20k insted of saying 6k, so that means it will not hit 20k?

  12. @ismopro everything is possible in crypto, that is why i am not thinking short term with bitcoin

  13. The bear market is still here and gonna be here for a minute a lot of people is manipulating Bitcoin and giving out false information I say hold and get ready to buy more for the 1st of the year

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