Bitcoin $14,000 BREAKOUT!!!! | The 200-Day Moving Average Is The Only Problem!!

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Carl Eric Martin

Bitcoin $14,000 BREAKOUT!!!! | The 200-Day Moving Average Is The Only Problem!!

29 kōrero

  1. Carl if there is no action tommorow, could you make a TA patterns for beginners video?

  2. I don’t think you can call it either way, I’m pretty sure a big whale move is imminent, probably a conditional long and short trade maybe to catch that one.

  3. Bitcoin is currently in a falling wedge in my opinion, if you pull out the parabolic sar indicator which is one of my favorite indicator, on the daily timeframe, you will see the indicator is coming close to the price from the upside, and when price breaks it, it will trigger the breakout.

  4. I think there is a lot of hope to pickup BTC at a lower price. Therefore BTC in a waiting stage

  5. That’s why it’s hard to trade patterns. It keeps changing based on new price action.

  6. Thanks Carl. It can be a falling channel too. We need more price actions to call the pattern.

  7. Hard to say what’s going on here, IMHO. I think we are in a no-trade zone for sure. Would love to see a daily close above the 200-D-MA; that would make me feel better about the possibility of a falling wedge. Let’s all wait and see what shakes out. BAKKT certainly did their damage. I’m of the opinion that thebigmoney is only here to stifle BTC — not see it succeed (“moon”). BAKKT, CME, they’re all full of it. The PEOPLE will drive BTC to the moon.

  8. I’ve had this also drawn like this for a while now. Maybe we can also repeat this bump’n run thing.

  9. another thing, of lesser significance, the RSI on the daily looks like it needs to come up.

  10. Thank you Carl for another short and to the point video. I actually like these short videos a lot more.

  11. Who would’ve thought about a ‘falling wedgeover-riding the the 200 day moving average? 🤷‍♂️ 👍👍👍

  12. Wedges are hardly a legitimate pattern. Its something to consider but I agree this is not what is going on in the market right now

  13. How much do you want it to be 4K? It’s idiotic to think that this is a realistic price. the lower it gets the more appetite for the bulls that sit and wait.

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