Biggest Move of 2018 to Hit Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Crypto Market Analysis Hangarau & Cryptocurrency News

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Is the biggest move of 2018 about to hit Bitcoin (BTC)?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on today's video!

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Whakakape: Ko te ihirangi hipoki i roto i tenei ataata / awa ora NOT tohutohu haumi. Ahau NOT ahau he kaitohutohu pūtea. Ko toku ake whakaaro whaiaro anake enei, whakaaro, ngā tūtohi, tātari hangarau (TA), ngaahi fakakaukau, matapae rongo me te utu. mahi tonu koutou ake rangahau, me te anake haumi anake e hāngai ana i runga i tou ake kitenga, me te whakawa whaiaro. Whakatau ki te haumi i roto i, me te / ranei te hoko Bitcoin (BTC) ranei tetahi atu momo o te cryptocurrency he tūpono tino nui, me te taea te mākete e tutuki i tetahi wa! Ko te pono tenei ataata / awa ora mō ngā take whakangahau anake!

Biggest Move of 2018 to Hit Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Crypto Market Analysis Hangarau & Cryptocurrency News

23 kōrero

  1. Crush it like I a Savage. Trade of the year. So very pumped! Thank you Sir! May I have another?

  2. WelpXRP at $0.001? That guy wants to ruin all Ripple investors lives xD Some people just do not care for others. XRP maybe going to bear city if Ripple does not win this case.

  3. Your confirming my thoughts about the daily and weekly charts. I sold all my btc at 7250. Almost fomo’ed back in yesterday but the daily made me think better of it lol. Its about time we broke 6k the market needs it I think

  4. Kirby, the legal battle between Ripple and R3 has been settled. It was announced yesterday or the day before. They came to a binding agreement.

  5. Says at the top of that page that the Legal battle has been settled? Moon em up anyways!

  6. Price does not depend upon the cost to produce itecon 101. Hence argument for production costs being intrinsic value is bogus. Btc purely speculation.

  7. We are heading down. The markets will not move upward until middle or late October.

  8. Am i mentally ill if i just watch Kirbys Videos because the Kirby-Voice? 😉 Cracks me every time, haha!!

  9. Not just moon boys, 6k is also being defended by the miners flooding the system to keep it above the production cost of Bitcoin, but eventually it’ll crash and find it’s true bottom around 4k-5k mark. Major fireworks coming soon. I just hope miners stick around for a while when it’s below 6k levels. It will be testing times, that’s when I expect institutions to get in big at dirt cheap prices.

  10. Sorry dude, i don’t want to break your heart.we will never see 4K. Thanks for sharing knowledge.

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