BIG Move Incoming? | ETP Approved!! | When Will BTC Be Back Above $6,000?

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: Is the Bitcoin price gearing up for a huge move? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

0:55 POLL: BTC Above $6k
10:10 EMA Ribbon
11:25 BCH
12:32 Swiss ETP
15:32 HUGE Transaction
17:05 Prediction
19:35 hekona & ICO's

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Switzerland Approves First Crypto Exchange Traded Product

BIG Move Incoming? | ETP Approved!! | When Will BTC Be Back Above $6,000?

31 kōrero

  1. I’m also a YouTuber (nothing to do with crpyto) and i’ve literally watched all your videos, I really appreciate your dedication I really think you are good at this.

  2. We will have a little pump as bakkt is launched, also etf will assist in pump, then another dump back to lower than 5k, But resistance will be strong. until we get a turnaround on the monthly macd which i personally can see this happening in Feb/March 2019 Moonboy love it. Bitcoin is still awesome. Make the miners bleed, before pumping the price, we need to see them struggle to create true value again. So a long term bull trend is needed right now to do that. I am all for it. Cant understand roger vers coin now, if we can send 600 million in btc for $7 whats the issues now. nothing, just ver shitting himself when people get burned and start to get real MAD with him.

  3. *Please always turn on your English captions so I can understand 100% of what are you talking about. My bad bcause english isn’t my mother tounge 🙏🏽*

  4. Hey moon I definitely love watching your videos! But I have a suggestion for a topic: sec possible crackdown on mex. that would be insane black swan

  5. Good video and good news re Swiss ETP!

    Was expecting a big fall after the breach of the $100 billion market cap……..but it didn’t happen. With BCH drama coming to an end we could be back above this level soon!

  6. I read that there is a class action lawsuit being taken against Ripple/Xrp saying its a securityTone Vays Law Review with 4 top lawyers will discuss next weekcould be a case of X.R.I.P.☠️

  7. I am very afraid of the regulation aspect, since I have yet to see governments getting involved in something and then allowing that thing tobreak free” – in other words, I am worried that our dream of a currency decentralized and disconnected from government control, as libertarians, might be stolen from us again. I really do hope this revolution in the financial market keeps staying 1 step ahead of the governments, but I fear it won’t.. Here’s to a better future!

  8. I think it could break 6k soon, maybe test 6.2 but will probably go back down even further soon after.

  9. The moon, You could make you videos 1/2 shorter or split your videos in two different videos with different topics. hoki tauira, one with TA contain only, another video with news contain only.

  10. you are misinformed . BCH the abc side won. and it will stay BCH. the fighting was a good thing. the hash war fight was never witnessed before. if anything the war would prove that the blockchain actually works.
    and now BCH has proven to have a solid base and security, literately this is positive news for BCH and for people who wanna invest in it.

  11. hoki, miners can adjust difficulty at any time. They’ll make money no matter what. China has the hashpower to pull off anything.

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