Bearish Divergence | Bitcoin Correcting & Stock Market Crashing!

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

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Bearish Divergence | Bitcoin Correcting & Stock Market Crashing!

28 kōrero

  1. *_Support The Channel With These Affiliate Links:_*
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  2. I have enjoyed all the videos you have done thus far, and have been watching for a long time. It’s a pleasure to tune into well articulated thoughts each morning.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Hi CarlWill the rapidly declining stock market allow a bullish move in crypto’s that overrides technicals in the next few days?

  4. Well done Carlyou’re a superstar!!! for making the videos for others to learn and enjoy. Hope you are having a great Xmas 🙂

  5. carl baby, if you cant make a video or a few dont worry about it, have fun with your loved ones over this xmas break.

    Have a good one much love <3

  6. You need not apologise for not uploading daily. You’ve been so consistent, you deserve a break for Xmas.

  7. Fingers crossed, but a shoulder to create an inverted SHS still seems like a good possibilty. Ki te, then we reach out for the hand that points to the moon!

  8. What do you think about the inverse head and shoulders on the daily? The right shoulder is finding support right where its supposed to. Is this a valid example of an inverse h&s?

  9. I think Carl already mentioned it a few days ago
    In my opinion with this volatile market and things that are happening with the stock market and upcoming changes next year you shoul not to put on too much weight on it. Nevertheless it might complete a reversal towards the 5444 taumata.

  10. That Allen Solly shirt is looking good on my boi Carl hope your having a blast and to be honest your video saves me a lot of panic glances at the market

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