Why is BTC Mildly Bullish? Bitcoin and Bakkt Updates!

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Bakkt, the highly anticipated digital asset exchange backed by the New York Stock Exchange [Nyse] and the Intercontinental Exchange [ICE] has announced that it has acquired the Rosenthal Collins Group RCG in order to increase their staff ahead of their launch. The Rosenthal Collins Group is a futures brokerage business, headquartered in Chicago with several institutional grade services like trade execution, risk management, market commentary and others is provided by the company founded in 1923.

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Bakkt acquires Rosenthal Collins Group, Gearing up for a Launch

Bakkt Finalizes Acquisition of RCG and Continues to Hire Ahead of Launch

Bakkt Is Our ‘Moonshot Bet’ Says ICE CEO, Plans to Launch the Platform Later This Year

Bakkt is Gearing Up For a Launch

Why is Bitcoin mildly bullish now

$5000 BTC short term

Analyst Claims That Bitcoin (BTC) Could Surge to $5,000 in Coming Weeks

$250,000 BTC long term*

Crypto OG: Next Act To Bring Bitcoin (BTC) Above $250,000

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Why is BTC Mildly Bullish? Bitcoin and Bakkt Updates!

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  1. 2:20 What is Bakkt?
    2:51 Bakkt acquires Rosenthal Collins Group, Gearing up for a Launch
    5:00 Bakkt Is Our ‘Moonshot Bet’ Says ICE CEO
    7:11 Why is Bitcoin bullish now?
    8:05 $5000 BTC short term
    9:17 $250,000 BTC long term

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