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hoko, hoko, me aha?

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Ko ahau IN KORE WAY A MARKET NGAIO; WHAKAMAHI TŌ whakawa OWN i te hoko mua ME KORE. NOT Ko ahau te kawenga mō ME Tuhinga OR Tuhinga THAT Ia ite outou i.

Ōnā meá TE MARKET, ME E ÁTAU ANAKE KOE haumi TA OE e tino pai ki te ngaro.

Quotations HĀ I taitara ATAATA AND kahore, kua MY Tuhinga OWN; KO RATOU I ROTO I KORE WAY E PĀ ANA KI Tuhinga o mua mua. Taitara ATAATA 'EKU WHAKAARO OWN AND NOT kia tangohia AS kōrero o AT FACE Tuhinga.

Ahau tēnei wā ma'u haumi i roto i mua, here, ME CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Ahau IN NO WAY WHAKATAIRANGATIA ICOS. ICOS HE MŌREAREATANGA HIGH, Haumi natulá e taea e whakatairangatia ana e Actors INO. No konei, IS IT tino ki te rapu tohutohu i MEI te NGAIO FINANCIAL WHAKAMANAIA MUA HAUMI I ICOS AND crypto IN GENERAL. Kore hoki e mahi, e kore hoki koutou AT MŌREAREATANGA PŪTEA.

Ko ahau NOT te NGAIO FINANCIAL i raihanatia, Ko ahau te WHAKAAHUA PUBLIC te faaiteraa'tu i to'u Tuhinga OWN MÄ TE YOUTUBE Pūhara. NOTHING kī i roto i Ataata IS TOHUTOHU, NOT TOTONU ME tangohia AS TOHUTOHU. Haumi i roto i TĒTAHI Rawa AT TŌ MŌREAREATANGA OWN, ME AS NOA, ANAKE haumi TA OE e tino pai ki te ngaro.


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  1. Ae, this is the time to buythis is the time of maximum financial opportunitythe time when smart money invests!

  2. WIll *$VIBE* Pump Huge, There is much hype about *$VIBE* on twitter right now .I have threw a few bucks into *$VIBE*

  3. ICO TELEGRAM opened pre-sale for common users) Literally in a couple of days they snapped up 85% of tokens. I managed to buy 2500 tokens on

  4. Hello everyone , A critical look at the charts shows we still have a lot of resistances to the upside based on volume profile even though it is likely we are about to or gradually started going bullish Already. The most obvious of them being $6,000 with several other significant key levels inbetween which must be surpased first. What bitcoin need now for sure is not just higher lows but higher highs of course. This is somewhat a bullish sign but its not good enough to place a bet on. The most favorable approach is to buy more coins now and then, find a way to multiply your hodlings so eventually when the bulls become stronger, we would have amassed a fair amount of bitcoins. Using this approach has been great for me because it has helped me avoid unneccesary expenses as i channel a certain percent of my earnings to trading and consequently,increasing my holding base in cryptocurrency. Mr *Craig’s* may be in a better position to assist you in creating a plan and working to achieve it like he did with me when i first met him. Contact is *(Craigantonio457@gmailcom)* 📩 and my personal experience with him and the markets generally is that it is much easier to earn consistently good returns by following the trading signals and strategy of a much better, successful trader

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  12. Pay attention! Telegram token is on sale on 1.3 dollars now! Many analysts predict it 100-200 dollars in 2019

  13. After what Vorhees did with KYC/Shapeshift his crypto street cred is basically shot. Who cares what he says, he is a discrace. The only reason to talk to him is if you want to learn how to irreversibly cripple a company and make it irrelevant.

  14. I don’t understand people who don’t trust in Telegram token) Don’t you understand that it can grow in price by 100-300 wā? I bought 1000 tokens on their ICO

  15. lovely video, resistance is quite strong and there has been rejection already like 3x but some positive signs still show anyways in my personal opinion, bitcoin if its able to break above $4,300 may quickly see us into the $6,000 range again. Otiia, Kua miharo tatou crypto i te mua rawa te tau whakamutunga ki te matapae o te utu i haere tino he. Te ti'aturi nei e ahau ki te kite i atu kaiwhakahau mo tauhokohoko kua nei kua mārama te tikanga haumaru atu ōrite, me te pai o te imiraa atu crypto. Kua hoki i kï te reira i runga i a mo ano e toa i roto i te moni Crypto (Hokohoko Bitcoin) is a combination of experience and good strategy and you can always join the winning team of a more experienced trader with already working and proven strategy. One of the best remains Walter Aarav and with him, i have been successful in my trades at least 98% of the times and have realized over $60,000 in profit, Hakihea 2018 alone so i advice you forget predictions and start making good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. To reach Mr. Walter you can send him an inquiry (Waltertrading10@yahoo. com)or via telegram +1-323-776-6410 and i am quite certain he will be willing to assist you in all crypto related matters

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