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  1. Я продал машину сегодня) я инвестировал в ADA, EOS и в ICO из Telegram / gram-ton у меня большие ожидания на Telegram!

  2. Why are u scared of Russia expanding? Brilliant country with a brilliant leader. Wish they were the strongest nation on earth.

  3. could, the word that can mean all the difference between 4k and 2m😂😂😂🤡

  4. If Russia and the US would buy Bitcoins, they would buy the so called over the counter bitcoins (otc-btc). That means, the price would not rise. Millions of people have to buy Bitcoin for under 100k $ per person, then we will se a significant spike in the price. We are the ones who push Bitcoin, not the big companies or countries, WE! People who don’t have that much money to buy Bitcoins over the counter, because 100k $ is the absolute minimum to buy them (otc-btc). Peace out

  5. Seriously, interesting videohad not known that about Belarushaving two crypto friendly states like Belarus and Russia aligning together could be good for BTC accumulation. This said, I think 2M / 1 BTC is a little offthat would be over 30 T market cap, ranei 6 or so times gold cap. I can see 1 – 2 X gold cap in a few years if indeed BTC remains astore of value” rite te koura, but short of nuclear war, I see no business use case of BTC having usefulness beyond 1 – 2 X gold cap. Still though, even that is decent appreciation from current positions so I would take that, LoL.

  6. XRP has unique properties and a special use case that does not fit into the traditional cryptocurrency paradigm. The majority of the currency is controlled by the Ripple Foundation and while they absolutely have the option to sell of their share for a quick profit, this goes against the goals of the organization and their mission. One thing I am not certain of is why the cryptocurrency is allowed in exchanges in the first place but nevertheless, I am enjoying the proceeds I make from trading XRP. Because the Ripple organization is such a heavy holder of XRP with unknown goals, it’s highly speculative on how the cryptocurrency is going to be valued in the years to come. Here’s another way to think about XRP: Ripple owns the vast majority of the XRP (over 60% of the supply). They can decide to cash in on the value, or completely devalue the market by flooding it with cheap XRP. I tenei wāhi, we don’t know what they’ll do with this high valuation, but regardless, you are at the whim of a powerful 3rd party with uncertain goals. And more importantly, they’re telling you the currency is not good for speculation. ripo (te kamupene) does not promote XRP as a speculative investment so the best thing which sadly most people don’t realize now is xrp is meant for immediate transactions and gains from trading and not for long term holding as a store of value. I have taken advantage of this for more than 3 months already having traded with Mr Eric Caruso’s signal and strategies which has seen me make over 400% in return on investments. For the sake of beginners and even advanced traders who are not making consistent profit, you can reach him with all your inquiries by WhatsApp +447427159640. Eric is in my opinion one of the best strategist, adviser and signal provider in the crypto business today. Trust me, you are better off trading and making good returns now than holding onto what most likely would burn you tomorrow

  7. I agree with you 100% !
    I was reading the,
    Bitcoin Standarda couple months ago..
    (highly recommended reading)
    and something in it made me thinkwhat if certain “pareparenga” started accumulating Bitcoin?
    What would that do to the price??

  8. Great minds combining results in fantastic discussions. Thanks Emiliano for sharing, I can’t wait to start earning profits with my 3btc , my wife also has 0.8Btc to trade with

  9. Both comments have 12 momo, like I’ve seen on other crypto videos you comment on. Na reira, I can conclude that you idiots are paid trolls to scam on the innocent. Where is your conscience?

  10. Jannib Andelo Bayutas well said buddy and what bothers me is the YouTubers don’t do nothing to stop 🛑 these scammersI mean at least delete the message and say something about to the viewers….

  11. Emiliano Mejia Stop 🛑 using Spanish name for you scam rig you scammer fu$%{•*#

  12. U wanna know what I think 🤔 about Trump? This is what I think about him: Donald trump is the last hope for western-white civilization to survive as we ever known. Yes he makes mistakes but in general his intention are blameless….

  13. You missed the point and it took you 7 minutes to make yours. Russia and China have been very vocal now and in the past that they want to dump the USD ( US Dollar) as the world reserve currency. This way they and other nations can get around sanctions and weaken the US economy. They will likely create a new digital currency. Less likely they will adopt an existing one. But like JPM coin they want to control it.

  14. You have crypto knowledge, but you don’t have a clue about Putin and Russia. You come from the most aggressive and expansionist nation in the world. Putin has been the worlds peacemaker in recent time. And calling the US democracy is a joke. Stick to crypto and keep out of world politics, which you are very ignorant of

  15. I have predicted the exact same thing. If we see BTC as a threat to the US dollar’s hegemony, other nation states have to as well. I have a bit of a different take though, I think the route they will take is to remove the US dollar as the standard peg for oil. They could accumulate, but it would be in stealth (who knows, could be happening already.) My prediction is we will be looking at the petro bitcoin one day.

  16. I mean what is so unrealistic about other nation-states using BTC as a way of weakening the dollar? They can’t do it with their own currencies, it is actually pretty obvious dude.

  17. Creating a new one doesn’t do what they want, people aren’t going to switch off the dollar for theirs. It wouldn’t be possible due to the military might of the US. The only shot these other countries have at weakening the dollar is subverting it with something like BTC.

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