TE FoodICO Review | Better Than Ambrosus?

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The quality of food in emerging markets like Vietnam can be questionable, and with little ability to trace sources and little accountability to date. Hundreds of Thousands of people have died from improperly handled or misrepresented food, and many more have been hospitalized.

TE-Food has already been addressing these very real issues in Vietnam for the past year with their centralized tracking platform that traces food all the way from farm to the end consumer. They are aiming to expand that operation to more countries and also to de-centralize it by utilizing the Ethereum ERC20 Token on the blockchain.

Check out their ICO Website which is scheduled to launch its public sale on January 8, 2018 : https://ico.tefoodint.com/

This is a Sponsored ICO Review. With that being said, we only feature ICOs that we think in our opinion has potential.

TE FoodICO Review | Better Than Ambrosus?

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  1. Look up some of the Decentralized internet projects that are on the Crypto Markets already.

  2. KingBadr TV Quantstamp, Blue, a lot of Blue, komodo, moni Bitcoin, safex, bitshares, rise. Remaining ether that goes into icos

  3. Eduardo Espinoza it already has yet it’s going up again. Keep an eye out to see how the futures end up impacting bitcoin. It may skyrocket then plummit again so keep your finger on the trigger.

  4. Thank you for sharing this ico. I like ICOs that solve real world problem! This ico reminds me of Wabi, which is also a supply chain tracing solution. That seems to have more unique technology built in. What is your thought on comparing the two? Also Walton may be related as well.

  5. Just got into trading Crypto towards the end of November. You guys are a great help and I know you’re not givingfinancial advicebut from looking at your previous videos and where we are at today you all know what you are talking about. I read a lot into anything I get into but I also like to learn from those who know the field so I’m going to share you guys on every social platform I have!

  6. Very good question. As this question appears on many channels, we will write comparison blog posts in the coming days. Tirohia: https://medium.com/@te_food

    There are many differences between Wabi, Walton, and TE-FOOD, which we will detail in the post.

    Maybe the most obvious difference is that Wabi and Walton are concepts with some pilot, while TE-FOOD has a working system with more than 6,000 business customers, tracking 10,000 pigs, 200,000 chickens, 2.5 million eggs each day from farm to table.

  7. ICOs are not for everyone. That’s for sure. There is a lot of risk, and yes there have been scams. Usually the scams don’t come from established businesses though.

  8. Tefood ico private pool with 30% bonus here : t.me/icopoolclub 🔷
    The cmo of TE-food is in the group to answer your questions.

  9. Doesn’t sound like you’re too sure. TE Food has a working product. What is better anyhow? Comparisons are odious. Look at the value for each project. That is a narrow way to think about potential.

  10. Can someone please explain how the coin has value and what will determine it’s value to increase

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