Talking NEM/XEM with NEM with Tony

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Join us for our chat about one of the hottest blockchains out there!
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Talking NEM/XEM with NEM with Tony

25 kōrero

  1. Hey Lark. If you dont keep up with Safex.. you should give it a look.. its a stake coin.. and just release a divedens calc.. looks very promising

  2. Delegated harvesting is pretty hopeless, my 11,0000 XEM has produced ZERO return (in two months)

  3. Damn!!! I guess if you are long holding then it is just a bonus if you get any, but would be good if they addressed this to be a bit more equal in nature

  4. Delegated harvesting uses POI(Proof-of-Importance) score. The more XEM you have and the more you participate in the network by transactions or services the more score you will have. The more chance you can harvest. As of now most of the XEM are just sitting on exchange or on bagholders hand, so there is no a lot of transactions happening, so you can’t find any blocks to harvest.

    Wait the mass adoption comes, when that time comes, it means more transactions, more blocks to harvest.

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