Taking A Break from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency! Into The Wild with Mattie

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Mattie takes a break, a small vacation from bitcoin and crypto. Watch this video to know what he did and his accident. Getting up close and personal with Mattie. Enjoy!

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Taking A Break from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency! Into The Wild with Mattie

28 kōrero

  1. This is probably oooooold news but just wondering what happened Jeff who used to run the channel? Did Matty buy the channel? Jeff gone completely?

  2. What is outside? What are trees?
    Haha just kidding, I remember tress as a kid.

    I staked a big chunk of my bags on the Algorand staking program, so I can now concentrate on things like playing with my kids and taking seeing the great outdoors!

  3. Jeff’s on a break and travelling the world though still very much a part of the team and involved with management. Altcoin Buzz was started by Jeff and Me (Shash) and the idea was always to build a community lead organization. Jeff does make content every once in a while though not as frequently as he used to when we started two years ago.

    You can see our complete team on the about us section on the website.

  4. Jeff finally realized what a hoax crypto actually is and went back to his day job full time. ….Not saying some haven’t made money but most have been taken in one way or another.

  5. Thanks for the awesome photos. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your privacy. Parlez-vous français?

  6. Having lost so much as a beginner in trading, being desperate and on the verge of giving up, i was introduced to an expert trader who under her mentorship and with her expertise in account management,converted my $200 to over $2500 within a week!!, Shocked to my boots I invested more and within a short span of time ,regained my losses and made mouth watering profits!!. Kellee bernier is the woman for the job, she is an expert trader and account manager, contact on WhatsApp +1 702 514 0852.
    I just couldn’t keep this to myself and I guarantee a wonderful experience.

  7. Enjoyed this sneak-peak into your life and putting a face to the name. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You are doing a great job, Mattie. Kia mau te reira ake!

  8. Wow Mattie, I would have never figured, im thinking whole lot in common , all this time been watching you and that personal aspect just came out of no where, Ba Bammmm the gross pic of your bike is exactly why i sold my 98 fatboy stroker, 4 times within inches ! no more buddy, after I get my house sold its south west FL and fishing for me!
    anyways thanks for sharing that!

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