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I roto i tenei ataata, Kunal explains what SONM is compared to Golem, and explains the three key points of comparison: Token metrics, use case repertoire, and price discovery of the service.
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Beginner’s Guide to SONM: Decentralized Platform for Computing Power

SONM VS Golem/ SONM + Golem? i SONM

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  1. No one talks about these two coins

    I bought around 10,000 of both of them December 2017
    Waiting for the next bull run to cash out of themtheir really not doing anything

  2. I really don’t see either of them as big money coins
    How about youwhat do you think the long term potential is on thempredictions please

  3. Colossusxt for those wanting to get into something work hard from ground up! Set and forget $colx

    P2p decentralised computing with a i2p layer ontop aswell!

  4. Long time investor of Sonm here. Let me put it like this. Golem can be run on SONM.

  5. It’s all about use cases. I respect Golem, but SONM is the next big thinglet’s wait for adoption

  6. Though GOLEM is 3-4 years old project and has a huge community, SONM is just about a year old. The interesting fact isSONM has already surpassed GOLEM in terms of its product features and roadmap. This is one of the best group of developers there are in crypto. Its just a matter of time when the price just shoots 3-4 times past GOLEM (please refer to token supply). hoki, SONM has more use cases, and it can easily host GOLEM. They have their own blockchain (how cool is that), which quite interestingly is better than even Ethereum. As of today, SONM team and CEO have started exploring and working on expanding its sidechain, which they built just for SONM token transactions, for other use cases. That was just revealed after some people noticed this activity on their GitHub. This is the basic dealSONM is going to be soooo much more than fog computing. and as of now, SONM is absolutely the front runner in fog computing.
    Great job covering this hidden gem.
    The SONM team is not putting too much effort marketing to retail investors, but they are totally primed to be the frontrunners in fog computing

  7. Id like to hear more about this. How exactly can Golem be run on SONM. In a way like a virtual machine ?

  8. People saying: S project is better then G project. Both still under development, plus that Golem takes all buff’s from Ethereum upgrades, also the partner’s.

  9. Take a look at SONM’s partners already. Heavy hitter’s. SONM is ahead and more advanced. They are a sleeping giant and will be massive in the future. I would HOLD this one and keep and eye on it. Cheers!

  10. What do you guys think about RLC? Do you see them as direct competition? I hold SONM but I was thinking of getting some RLC too but I am still undecided (buy more SONM or diversify?)

  11. Golem 62 mil cap SONM around 8 mil cap right now.Even if they are equally good projects , the upside potential is way better with SONM

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