Steem – Social Media 2.0 and Smart Media Tokens

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Will Smart Medai Tokens be a game changer for the Steem blockchain?

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Steem – Social Media 2.0 and Smart Media Tokens

38 kōrero

  1. i singed up for steemit a couple days ago.. It said once we approve your account your good to go! still waitingthis could account for the 10% active users.. why wouldnt they have an automatic signup like every other service for the last 10 tau?

  2. Yep, this is a real problem still manually verifying accounts, but they are trying to stop people from gaming the system. needs to be sorted out though

  3. surely theres a blockchain application that could filter IP addresses and look for duplicates.. Ill probably forget about steemit by the time its approved and look back in 10 years with one of thosei couldve bought steem when it was $1.5.. now its $47632stories

  4. Gave you a follow on Steem! Hopefully the process of signing up gets sorted over time. Would be a shame if that was what was stopping people from joining.

  5. nice one lark , please mention in your next videos N02x movement , and the bet between Roger ver and charlie 😀 😀

  6. Looks like a great opportunity to get in there and make some videos on how to andlearn steamepisodes! Love the idea I planned to make a utube and dtube so this might be a weapon in my quest to make my life great andshoot for the moon

  7. Why don’t you email this video to Steemit and see if the get the hint about making a better interphase?

  8. Given the rise in censorship apparent in the most common social media utilites, alttech sites such as Steemit, Gab, Dtube, etc. will become more importantThanks for the info

  9. steemit maybe will not be the facebook killer , at least not a couple of years , after improving some details that you mentioned on the video. But i personaly think that if facebook was about to get threatened by steemit , and if they decide to launch their own cryptocurrency , i personally think that that would be a disaster to them , i mean while steemians are already used to it. So yes i believe on steemit. They are going to make some changes , especially make it easier for the new users to earn , and to stay on steemit. As you said , i believe in steemit too , and all i can do right now is invest my time to it

  10. can see nothing but spam/bots in the future of steemit..simply a big mess
    …………Ill pass…….good luck to those who think different,,great video lark! my brothaaaaa;)

  11. If you post music like on Soundcloud theres something on STEEM for that too called

  12. I remember when STEEM hit $4 and a lot of us bought at that price.. but then someone hacked the passwords and everyone had to change their password and we lost a lot of people and obviously the price crashed, but they literally fixed the hack within like an hour, and their has not been any issues since.

  13. Salt could be big. This will actually have a real world use. If it catches on it could be huge if crypto ever moves into a broader investment user base.

    I think that salt should add a dividend though. Since they’re basically loaning our holdings out to others and using a 3rd parties crypto collateral, I think a dividend should be in-place.

  14. Kevin Fankl My frnd higher the risk.. higher the rewards..
    Go with ur gut feeling

    IMO it could be a well designed scam coin.. 😂

    I fail to understand 1 simple thing….

  15. schmerol use some common sense man….

    View salt nd the likes like a Lending house

    Salt seems to be just like another bank except that it is on blockchain

    Na. Dumb people will definitely invest without using common sense

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