Stash Invest IS NOT BS! – An Updated Opinion

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THIS VIDEO IS A LITTLE GENERAL! MORE INFORMATION TO COME. I really wanted to give an updated opinion on this app. I realize that some of my previous videos are unfair regarding the app, and I hope to correct that in the future.

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Ko ahau IN KORE WAY A MARKET NGAIO; WHAKAMAHI TŌ whakawa OWN i te hoko mua ME KORE. NOT Ko ahau te kawenga mō ME Tuhinga OR Tuhinga THAT Ia ite outou i.

Ōnā meá TE MARKET, ME E ÁTAU ANAKE KOE haumi TA OE e tino pai ki te ngaro.

Stash Invest IS NOT BS! – An Updated Opinion

25 kōrero

  1. What do you think of Stockpile?
    I have used Stash for the past year. Not happy.
    Prefer Stockpile or Robinhood.
    Love the Videos.

  2. I use Stash for the Retire feature. I have my Roth IRA with 100% invested into Blue Chips (MGC). It’s awesome because you only really need $100 to start it (I think other companies/brokerages/whatever require like $1k-$3k) and I put $25 a week into it. Works great to start out my Roth and MGC has been performing extremely well. I enjoy the fractional shares at this stage of my life, I can’t afford to buy a whole share most of the time. I feel like it is effective because I’m making gains on EVERYTHING I deposit into the account whereas with Robinhood I often have money sitting in the account as Buying Power so I can build up cash to buy a share of something. Both have their pros and cons! Most of my money is in Robinhood as I enjoy not having fees. I started my Roth IRA with Stash just to start contributing to it.

  3. TechCashHouse / Investing Made Easy! Put that logic on a shirt bro! I love it!! Keep posting your doing a great job!

  4. I wish! No, I’m just giving the app another honest chance.

  5. I’m planning to become an investor. I’ve done plenty of research and I’m interested but I don’t know if I should use stash or just drop down and go directly to buying stocks.

    I’m also curious about how are you supposed to put your earnings in your tax papers. I have heard that as long as you don’t liquidate your money you don’t have to worry since it counts as a loss. But I’m not really sure.

  6. Thank u sir for your honesty! For what its worth, i, for one, don’t necessarily mind yourin the momentobservations! Even if, in retrospect, they are proven premature! As always, i enjoy all of your content immensely and find them incredibly informative and educational! , i always enjoy your various humorous comments as well! (such as yourilluminmatireference in a different vid) Take care and keep up the good work sir! u have REALLY taught me so much!! (despite me being twice your age most likely lol) Take care!

  7. Invest in MJ.
    Invest in the app but use Yahoo finance app to get a closer look at stocks. Stash app charts are terrible.
    If anyone needs help, message below.

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