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22 kōrero

  1. When I purchase stock, the purchase price is .02 or more higher when the payment goes through. That’s like collecting a small commission on each stock. How can I prevent this on Robinhood? hoki, all charts show $2.59 for TOPS. Why is the buy price $3.59 on Robinhood. ..more specifically, why do they have different prices? Thanks in advance!

  2. Haven’t checked the price different issue, but the $0.02 charge is unavoidable. I believe it’s a US security fine or something, but it is charged upon selling a stock no matter what

  3. Sweeeeeeeet….hey man i’m wondering is there a software of website where i can look through a bunch of stocks charts very quickly for technical analysis?

  4. hey i am new in the stock market but a question, when it says dividend per share does that mean per share you have of the stock, for example if you have 50 shares of a company, does that mean the dividend pays you the amount times the amount of shares you have ?

  5. The numbers listed on Robinhood are the percent dividend yield I believe, so you need to do math to come up with the actual dollar amount per share. If one share was $100 and the annual dividend yield is 1%, you would get $1 a year per share. So if you have 5 shares each year you get $5, 3 shares each year you get $3, ect

  6. click on free version but have to use internet explorer or firefox it doesn’t work on chrome browser or has good charts but they don’t do intraday stuff without paying

  7. Can you buy dividends day before ex dividend date then sell day after receive dividend. I’m new to stocks so just trying how to actually make a little of money

  8. Symbol: AWF,AGNC,APLE,FRO < Diversify 26,000k into this and you can real in tops $255 a month only FRO:Frontline Ltd. pays quarterly. research it my m8 i have made my past 3months before this comment was posted around $800. You can even look at the stocks and do the math and you will get near close to what i am telling you. Happy Stock trading m8s

  9. TheMysterious0taku yes! so if the stock is $1 and gives a dividend of 5% you get .05 times the number of stocks you have. dividends are paid monthly quarterly or annually.

  10. How do you see how frequently they pay? like will it tell me who pays weekly? or will I just have to figure it out after buying it?

  11. Mp3 Leedo are they still good or is there any other good ones you found out?

  12. Asking a serious question but how is making around 2$ a month good in stock marketing?

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