Robinhood App – Money Transfer Time Span

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How long does it take for money to be transferred around?

Robinhood App – Money Transfer Time Span

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  1. Show us the steps of selling stock and transferring it back into the primary bank account.

  2. Just sell, then you need to wait a few days until the funds appear in the Robinhood account again. Then go to settings, click transfer to bank, choose your amount and you are good to go!

  3. Robinhood is telling me I must wait 60 days to withdraw my money. some anti money laundering bs. I’m pissed don’t use them.

  4. I just went through this here is the facts….. It takes t+3 trading day + 3 business days with no buying or selling for funds to settle.. Then on day 4 (t+3) your funds will move to withdrawable ( as long as you have not been buying and selling) then when you transfer it to your bank it says it takes 2-3 days but some reason the expected date for me was 6 ra…. But I just transferred funds to my account today so I am not sure if it really takes that long today is day 1 I will update you on the rest when I receive the funds in my accountSo essentially your looking at 10 regular days or 6-8 business days if you have no settled funds and you want to start the process of getting your money back into your bank account…..

  5. Charles schwab: the withdrawal is next business day. It’s been 14days since I sold my shares, and still nothing is available in my with drawable funds. I sold $5000 worth of shares

  6. This is my last time using robinhood. I experienced a family emergency. I need the money in 20days. Its been 14days and still nothing available to transfer to bank

  7. +Quentin Seicappie have you contacted the Robinhood Support team?

  8. Mauruuru koe. I have another question if you dont mind,. What is the difference between instant account and cash account on RH. After linking checking account to RH, it becomes cash account or instatnt account?

    Ngā mihi!!!

  9. Were you ever able to get your money out? Mine says I cant transfer money says 0.00 and I have money I could transfer. Is this a scam app?

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