Robinhood App – Filing Taxes Full Tutorial!

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WARNING: This video does not give tax advice. This content is specifically my own opinion, and is only intended for educational purposes. Please do not interpret anything in this video as advice in terms of filing taxes. Consult a tax professional for tax advice. I AM NOT A TAX PROFESSIONAL.


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Robinhood App – Filing Taxes Full Tutorial!

27 kōrero

  1. Well this take care of the tax in my brokerage account as in the capital loss or gain?
    and Handle all of that?

  2. I really enjoy watching your content but I’m struggling finding a good penny stock to invest in on robinhood may you recommend one

  3. Investments with turbo taxes is not free, but if you are doing standard taxes like just for your job using a w2 only then it is free.

  4. How much does it cost if you use TurboTax? I am not investing that much and want to know what my best option is I’m new to this.

  5. I have TurboTax desktop and it’s asking me for my 8 digit account # which I know but it’s asking me for my document ID # also but I can’t find it

    Any help?

  6. You said you were going to cover the second part with the Investment incomebut you didn’t.. :/ sad day

  7. Under what circumstances do we need to make quarterly payments to the IRS for dividend earnings & how do we go about doing that? hoki tauira, by the 15th of Apr, Jun, Sept, & Jan the IRS dictates we make payments (if we made over a certain amt??)… so can we do this by utilizing Robinhood & can we file seperately on 1099 apart from our regular yearly W-2? Someone please do a f’n video on this.. i beleive no one has yet & it could possibly gain you subscribers if you know what the heck you’re doing.. especially if you do follow up videos as time flies by!!

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