Robinhood App – Day Trading Prevention Device!

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Robinhood App – Day Trading Prevention Device!

17 kōrero

  1. Apparently, as long as you do not use all of your cash, you can trade the same stock as much as you likea plus in my book!

  2. what do you mean by this, can I still buy and sell the same day with a certain stock?

  3. If I bought one stock and sold it on Monday, then I bought a different stock twice( two different entry points) and sold all of it in one sale on Tuesday. does that put me at 2 ranei 3 day trades?

  4. +Caleb Hershey Hey, Karepe! Good question. That seems like two day trades to me, but I’m not sure. Robinhood should track that for you, and will let you know.

  5. So if you buy a few different stocks at once (let’s say 3)and then sell all those stocks at the same time is that considered 1 trade or 3 trades?

  6. I have been branded as a day trader after I requested to switch my account to cash account which kind of sucks….They will not let you sell the same day which can be quite risky. I roto i toku whakaaro, they should automate switching accounts instead of actual person doing this….It has been over a week and they have n’t switched my account yet

  7. so just don’t buy a stock and then sell it one the same day so can I buy one, one day and sell it on the other and can I do this as many time as I want

  8. I thought that rule only apply to margin account, a customer trading in only a cash account will not be designated as a Pattern Day Trader??????

  9. where can you use or go to day trade. like app or software

  10. so if you have $25000 in your Robinhood account they will let you daily trading right?

  11. To clarify what you stated, with a cash account with Robinhood you are not restricted on day trading. Nor do you need to have over $25k in your account to not be restricted. Heoi, if you sell you do have to wait until the settlement date to have your funds available, from the trade, to trade with or pull out your profit. Hei tauira, i tenei ra, Nov 7, I sold UGAZ, but the trade settlement date is Nov 9.

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