Quick History of Money to Fintech Cryptocurrency

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The development of FINTECH (financial technology) has come a long way. From precious metals to paper dollars and coins, we are now in an era of virtual currency. In this video we take it back to ancient China for the first introduction of paper currency then through to the Federal Reserve.

Quick History of Money to Fintech Cryptocurrency

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  1. Qash will blow all the other fintech crypto projects away! Not long till the liquid platform world book launch 😬

  2. Great video! I have a question. What is a good bank to use when buying bitcoin through Coinbase? My current bank BBT takes 3 days per buy, that’s too slow.

  3. Jason Liggett check to see if you are allowed your credit card if so you can do it instantly

  4. Super cool idea, appreciate the time you put into this different video. THX man/team 🙂

  5. Most people are trying to get rich quick (90%), and only a chosen few (the talented 10%) are trying to improve society. The others are attention hungry trolls.

  6. It’s pathetic that you actually have to teach people about the history of moneyShows just how bad our school system is at teaching the younger generation.

  7. Jeff you should do a video about a list of cryptos and the qty you should try to acquire in your first year for the long term hold in your opinion etc I remember you mentioned we should try to hold at least 1 btc and 2 eth etc. would be interesting

  8. You did say Crypto is short for encryptedMay have thrown off a few of the educated investors. “Crypto” is short for cryptology.

  9. Awesome video. Yes I would like to see more content like this. It’s important to be well rounded. It doesn’t have to be all about crypto all the time. Talking about money and credit relates to the crypto space.

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