QuantStamp / QSPICO CEO Richard Ma Interview

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Quantstamp is a highly anticipated ICO and in light of the recent Parity wallet problems is also impeccably timed. I talk with CEO Richard Ma and we discuss what QST does and why it is so exciting!

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** Please note this is a sponsored interview

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QuantStamp / QSPICO CEO Richard Ma Interview

39 kōrero

  1. He has passion and is shooting for the moon. I am very interested in this ico. They also have something to offer that is needed badly. Sounds solid, we shall see.

  2. Richard Green suppose if etheruem goes down due to competition like cardano….will qsp become obsolete as well?

  3. no QSP will not be obsoleteETH is just the first platform for manybut it is the largest for smart contracts.

  4. Especially with the crypto market becoming more mainstream.. More businesses will have something to turn to for auditing their projects.

  5. Waow this was brilliant. The word genuine comes to mind. He seems like a highly capable CEO, very passionate, transparent and determined. Cool team setup too. I’m all in on Icon between Quantstamp now. Thanks for the upload 👍🏼

  6. Cardano has years to go. I think many businesses, especially in this time, will become accustomed to Ethereum in the meantime and use Ethereum, so long as it’s secured by QSP.

  7. richard ma seems like a switched on committed guy, watching this made me want to throw more money into QSP

  8. Whoathe ceo of Quanstamp is quite young, yet seems to be a very smart young man.

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