Qtum – Tough, User Ready, and in Space !

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In this interview with Jordan Earlsco-founder and lead developer at Quantumwe discuss proof of stake, why mobile readiness is so important, x86 EVM, and much more !

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Qtum – Tough, User Ready, and in Space !

32 kōrero

  1. this was awesome love the beard! #NOSHAVETILL20Kcrypto lark nationmy brothers from a different mother,cheers guys

  2. great interview! You should try to get one with SONM, another heavily ignored sleeping dragon ready to wake up

  3. Good video, I have to give you so much credit how you fly yourself around the world to do these interviews, Qtum is a good project, always great to see the people involved in the project, helps so much, seems Jordan Earls is quite into it , so probably a good team as well. hope we see this take off more in the future, very important that people learn more and have good outlets to make that happen, thanks again JR

  4. getting blockchain on an tv set is like having wifi on an cassette player , skip this step and put them in the tv.

  5. project is great but boy seeing to co-founder looking like a hobo sounding high or wasted makes me want to not invest.

  6. The dude like wasted like something like anyway like other thing like the thing like that. omg this kind of talk worries me. i will never buy qtum again.

  7. mau, like Stoned ? Kind of chilled 8-))). Will I invest? Anyways, I’m so grateful Crypto Lark for getting Top people live on the channel.

  8. DAMN why did i read your comment mannow it’s fucking annoying to hear all those like like like. And i am just at minute 6.. fuak

  9. I er um a have er um er QTUM in my er um a yeah like in er and ar in portfolio yet after this Interview I’m like er kinda like er sorely tempted to er sell

  10. Thank you so much Jordan for coming on the show. Thanks for answering all our questions.

  11. Lark, thank you for focusing again on such a great project. Jordan is one the great minds in Crypto and Blockchain. It’s funny how people don’t understand that lead devs aren’t tv spokespersons for a reason. Jordan is building the X86 VM and extremely talented. Qtum has always delivered far beyond expectations and will continue to do so. The first Hollywood movie to be distributed via Blockchain will be on Qtum. SpaceChain a Qtum Dapp has a satellite node orbiting earth.

  12. I know your comments a couple months old so you may have already found itbut lark already has an interview with the sonm guys, just putsonm cryptolarkinto the search bar and you should find it.

  13. Jean, just heard that the guy’s now deadhis body was found surrounded by hundreds of small bags of cocaine. Patrick Dai said he was atortured genius🙁

  14. Just watched this and it’s scared the crap out of me! 🙁 But he’s much better when he’s talking technologysearch YT 4 “CESC2017Jordan EarlsEconomics of Fees and Gas Blockchain at Berkeley

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