Qlink Co-Founder Susan Zhou InterviewGlobal WiFi

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Susan Zhou of Qlink and I discuss global wifi, telecom, Neo, and so much more !

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Qlink Co-Founder Susan Zhou InterviewGlobal WiFi

29 kōrero

  1. I’m sensing some powerful chemistry in this interview! Hope you guys meet in person. I’m half cupid, on my father’s side.. so I would know. Great interview! Hope to see more.

  2. Lark, you have a specific formula that you use in interviews, and it works! Your questions are always on point. The subject doesn’t get to wander off and rabble into nonsense.

  3. I didn’t get it about the merchant review thing at first, but I do now! It’s brilliantyou have to physically be there to write the reviewboom. Love it. Count me in for this one.

  4. Lark: what about the VPN on mobile devices? She just hints at the fact that the money is there. She even mentions China (where most of the dev team is). So perhaps she can’t really yell: “This app will make it possible for people in china to use Facebook/Google/YouTube”. If that is the case and it’s a decentralized VPN that can not be blocked/stopped (much like substratum but for mobiles), then this could be HUGE…. what you guys think?

  5. Wow. Learn so much more on this interview about Qlink. I’d sold my Qlink awhile back, but now will buy back in for long term hold. The Qlink CEO, Susan, is not just a pretty face but very smart individual.😁😁

  6. when the lark asked her about her favourite neo projects, ka mea ia 1. deepbrain, 2nd ? , 3Ariki ? 4th ? 5th Effect io, 6th APEX ?
    Could someone tell me the others ? want to look into them. Ngā mihi.

  7. I bought at 14 sēniti. Thanks girl I love you even though I can’t understand what you are saying.

  8. Nokkajork 888 we doing pretty good if you bought back in. I hope this is a big $10 run. I could use a new car.

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