QashHot Liquidity Cold Wallets

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Quoine CEO Mike Kayamori and I discuss Qash, crypto in Japan, tikanga, bringing big money into crypto, wai, and the new ICO mission control.

Please note this is NOT a sponsored video.


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E-mēra ki mahi kaupapa ranei uiui.

Mea katoa i whakahuatia i konei ko toku whakaaro, me te kore mōhiohio tohutohu haumi – tēnā mahi koutou ake rangahau i mua i te ihupuku koutou ake moni.

Ngā mihi mō te te mātakitaki; rite tēnā, ohauru, a faaite i te mea e kitea e koe i tenei whai hua!

QashHot Liquidity Cold Wallets

30 kōrero

  1. Drinking game: Take a shot every time Mike says right 🙂
    Good to see that QASH is finally covered on this channel.

  2. Now it makes sense why they call it liquid. Awesome. Thank you again Crypto Lark.

  3. i te ara, Thanks Lark. Very nicely done interview.
    Are you planning on making a review video of QASH?

  4. Maybe one of these days, no plans at the moment, but the research I did for the interview shows me how promising of a project this is, talking to Mike just furthered that belief

  5. Well, it’s going to be hard but LIQUID + Coinbase listing alts might do it.

  6. I learned a lot from this interview. Thanks so much. (Another investment/token had just been added to my want list)

  7. Nice to see Mike out talking again. He’s been quiet for sometime. QASH is a 1-2 year homerun winner no doubt. Is this a paid interview though? Doesn’t matter to me, but I favor full disclosure.

  8. (138👍)
    You are the best at what you do. Best guests & projects. Best interviews, you ask questions the allow for the big picture to all come together. Great conversations, you’re the best!

  9. Hey, yeah Qash is a cool project for sure. This is not a paid interview, none of them are (except for a small bit of the ICO content which is always clearly stated)

  10. Awesome video, Lark. I’ve always had doubts about institutional money coming in and your interview has certainly confirmed my thoughts. We need more compliant exchanges.

  11. U are right Mike, i fell more safe to keep my crypto in Qryptos then in my MEW

  12. Crypto Nova what about at this time, Nov 6th 2018; is it lower than ICO price or still higher? I would like to purchase

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