PundiX – The Bitcoin Mass Adoption Driver

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PundiX has the potential to be a revolutionary addition to pushing mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Awesome partners, a cool idea, great advisors, and high demand and hype make Pundi a fascinating project indeed.

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PundiX – The Bitcoin Mass Adoption Driver

34 kōrero

  1. Very promising projecthave great teamvery interesting incentivePundi X …7.8% of your total token balance reward every month just of holding Pundi X😁

  2. Lark, Zac the CEO of PundiX at consensus spoke about expansion in South America!!!!! Exciting

  3. This sounds like an interessting project! I hardly use cash these days, and most of the time I use my debitcards. But sometimes I have some cash laying around which I don’t use. So if there was a PundiX terminal in my neighbourhood, I would definitly use it to buy Crypto with my leftover cash (if the exchange rates are okay). But about spending my crypto; no I’m more like a hodl kind of guy 😉

  4. At last…..”This is just a dude…..on theInternet”. A signature greeting makes a comeback!!!! Love your humility and work Ethic Lark.

  5. Y not I thought if it was an ico and there is returns on dividens makes it a seciriity

  6. oscar ortez because they are airdropping tokens to current holders. They do a buy back and send those tokens. Not paying dividends.

  7. I just bought $1000usd worth. I am clearly just taking a shot. I’ll hold it for a couple years and see what happens. I’m considering my investment gone. Maybe it moons. Great stuff as always Lark!

  8. A lot of investors alway’s talking about crypto’s with no productWell, here it is right in front of you. Pundi x. Love this project and can’t wait to see it in the stores!

  9. If I had an Pundi X POS machine, I could sell bitcoin and other crypto at Starbucks using their free wifi ; )

  10. Deffo good to keep seeing more and more people covering this. Ever since I first heard about it I have loved the idea of the project. I would deffo use this if it was in any stores / cafes etc.. local to me in London.

  11. 7.8% returns per month, and a great project with working hardware. Yep, I’m in! Thanks for the video!

  12. Do you want mass adoption!!! Because this is how you get mass adoption!!! 🤗😂

  13. Allen V Nice! I go to Brazil on a regular basis. Would be great to see PundiX terminals over there.

  14. its going to take another few years before Pundi X to bloom.

    Probably around 2022, With Dubai, Japan and other nations requesting Xpos systemsand crypto becoming more useful. Pundi X has the most potential for growth. Thats why it will become the most valuable.

  15. i bought another 2mil npxs today! if it gets lower i will buy 2mil more in every dip. I have unlimited gold and oil. jokes on those filthy WHALES!!

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