Profit on Cryptocurrency and Stop Taking Losses

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It has been brought to my attention that some of you (not all) have been overtrading and taking losses unnecessarily in the market. Part of this might be because you are FOMO'ing into positions at all time highs and FUD'ing out of positions if they dip on you. This brings up the importance of Holding.

Profit on Cryptocurrency and Stop Taking Losses

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  1. Jeff, you told me a lot. I bought reddcoin at 1,5 sēniti, it dipped to 0,8 sēniti, but I hodled, now it’s at 3. Thanks mang!

  2. Tron is on its way back, will be released on coinrail tomorrow, hodl is my advice! 😉 last seconds to buy some more!

  3. Two reasons to listen to Jeff:
    1) Crypto philosophy is on point
    2) His examples are hilarious, I’m always rolling

  4. APPC, get it while you can. Good project, not on Coinmarketcap yet, traded on Binance. Nobody knows about it yet!

  5. If people really need these simple concepts explained to them, maybe they shouldn’t be trading yet.

    Jeff reminds me of a good Dad who just wants the best for his rotten kids lmao

  6. Just new to trading as a miner all i knew was holding lol. to me coins were like points for doing good so i wanted to keep them all lol i’d only mine for projects i supported and when i seen the AltcoinArmy investing in coins you all support i knew Jeff was a person of interest. Id also like to quote WISDOM FOR LIFE and say this to Jeff and all of you . . . . I’ve learned so much from you. Mauruuru koe!

  7. They have him listed as an investor but it looks like he isn’t actually part of the team.

  8. I’m the first to admit I’ve fomoed before but we’ve never sold for a loss. My Dad is no longer with us but he had 500 shares of stock from the steel mill he worked at. Well it dropped to 2 dollars a share after he retired and my mom was squawking at him to get rid of it. I was like 24. I told him you never sell low. We argued for a few days. Long story short I talked him out of it and it went to 100 and he sold for 50,000 which he rolled into an entuity which my mom still draws 300 a month from. I was always better at giving advice though.

  9. I’m really liking Game as it’s a new, cheap coin and will be the first on Tron’s platform.

  10. BlockSmarty I agree that’s why I took position. But I think tron is going to go up too.. it’s too BIG to not fix and they have a great team. I think they’re crap trx white paper was rushed bc of the surge, but they’ll fix it (even if it is a cheap chinese Pokémon token)

  11. Watch the trading volumes for a week in a live real time exchange, of any crypto currency. Try to notice the patterns, as the volume of buys begin to demolish the sells and the price begins to rise. Pick just one to three cryptos to monitor. You will see

  12. no investment depends on the value of the project and the likely hood of it succeeding, there is nothing wrong investing in one company you completely see and evaluate as successful with great leaders, rōpū, backers, projects, and products, assets and liablities.

  13. Mr. Gaw
    Lmao he comes out of no where with crazy analogies hahaha

    This little guy in the navy..

    Donald trump once said….


  14. YoungRay .. yeah the company that makes their own crypto for their rewards/card reload, is going to do very well. Where’s the Google coin for the play store.. they are missing out

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