Power Ledger – The Future Of Energy On The Blockchain ICO Review

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Blockchain solutions for the energy industry

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Power Ledger – The Future Of Energy On The Blockchain ICO Review

37 kōrero

  1. This is revolutionary. I hope it takes off, the way we currently distribute energy needs to change. Give the power back to the people!

  2. Nice, like I said hold it for a long time, will really become valuable in 2020 assuming all the projects go forward

  3. This was a no brainer for me to participate in the ICO because it is a great project that benefits consumers and the environment. Thanks Crypto lark for the review.

    If you have the time, maybe you can look at Change Bank. Seems like another great project.

  4. Good to see an organisatiion giving back a little bit for the environment. I got in on Pre-sale really hope this project succeeds

  5. Dropped about 250 USD in this during presale. Will hold for a couple of years and see where it ends up. Awesome team and they have some really promising ideas!

  6. Thanks for the video!!! Was looking for a video on their opinion of Power Ledger. I will be investing. Part of finding an investment is personal taste and I’m always interested in investing in sustainable/renewable energy companies and Power Ledger is it!

  7. Ae, just from a concerned citizen approach this company is a winner, not to mention the financial incentive

  8. i reira, SNC has signed a contract with the largest energy company in Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia (PETROL d.d.)

  9. Crypto Lark thank you for your video. I watch some other channels and they recommend selling your ICO when you get 2x your gains. Can you explain why you think that is a bad idea vs holding until 2020? I understand they have big plans but I just want clarification on how that will cause people to actually buy the tokens in the future to bring the price up? Ngā mihi!

  10. Hi Teeka here,

    Buy Power ledger. the next thing you have to do is – mea ana –
    That was it. You dont need to do more

    have a great cypto experience


    T. Tiwari

  11. Interesting review, here I would add another project, I found recently, on a block-platform platform, the growth prospects are enormous, the project is called TokenGo, there is a fully automated financial system, now ICO is underway, and it’s time to invest and profit from it.

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