My Stash Invest MAX PROFITABILITY Portfolio After 3 EBEDOMA!

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hoko, hoko, me aha?

Keep it tuned right here on the Techcrackhouse for news, tohutohu, a ki te ara pai haumi.

Tena ohauru me te rite, e tauturu te reira i te rota.
I upload more regularly than Hillary checks her email.


Hononga Tikiake Robinhood:

iOS: = 8

Android: = = en

Robinhood Main-page:

Tikiake Hononga acorns:

iOS: = 8

Android: = = en&= Gl tatou

Acorns Main-page:

Ko ahau IN KORE WAY A MARKET NGAIO; WHAKAMAHI TŌ whakawa OWN i te hoko mua ME KORE. NOT Ko ahau te kawenga mō ME Tuhinga OR Tuhinga THAT Ia ite outou i.

Ōnā meá TE MARKET, ME E ÁTAU ANAKE KOE haumi TA OE e tino pai ki te ngaro.

My Stash Invest MAX PROFITABILITY Portfolio After 3 EBEDOMA!

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  1. Nice vid I’m waiting for Robinhood to authenticate my account so I can start investing, im thinking about starting with around 100 dollars should I use your “investing with 75 dollars” video to guide me?

  2. I know its not wise to invest in every ETF available, but how much is too much? Will the brokerage fees wipe out any earned profits say if I had investments in 7 ETFs as opposed to just 4-5?

  3. If you can make $30 per month on $300 via stash invest, that is insanely good.
    Na, you should be able to make $90 per month on a $1000 haumi.
    $900 per month on a $10,000 haumi.
    $9,000 per month on a $100,000 haumi.
    $18,000 per month on a $200,000 haumi.

    Which in my opinion is worth it.

  4. I’m just getting started and I know very little about investing so i enjoy these videos. I tried to search for some of these investments such as Robots Rising and I was not able to find it? How can I find these?

  5. +Angela Bree many of the etfs on Stash only appear if your initial portfolio style is set to a certain class of risk. Try changing from moderate to aggressive, etc. and see if your etf options change.

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