Litecoin Mining in December 2017 – Is it Profitable?

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Litecoin Mining in December 2017 – Is it Profitable?

29 kōrero

  1. what’s your opinion on mining gpu in the future? i’m planning to invest heavily in gpu rigs….

  2. Crypto Thought I know but 300usd in litcoins a few months ago wouldve made me around 1800 today but have bought 2 recently

  3. 204 Litecoins now, bought them two weeks ago so we can say life is pretty good at the moment.

  4. I love your videos man. Love your old tech crack house videos and now they are even better techcashhouse rocks!!!!!! 👍👏💪

  5. Can you do a video talking about more reasonably priced miners for a college student that I can just leave running in my dorm and forget about it.

  6. A big tip, If you want to lower cost on electric bill from mining, Invest in a Solar Panel its worth the Investment.

  7. This video does not account for difficulty increase, you also missed the best miner for litecoin right now which can attain 620mh. Literally the extent of your video was you googling a calculator and put in the information, and googling 3 different miners.

  8. powercost in norway is 50cent in nok=0.08 dollarthe highest we have is 0.095 tāra… just saying

  9. Innosilicon A4+ does 620 Megahash (as opposed to 504 for the Bitmain D3+) at a bit less power, the LW21 (which is NOT widely available) is very close on published specs to the A4+
    Innosilicon has ANNOUNCED a new A6 model, which is basically adual tubecombination of 2 A4+ unitstwice the hashrate twice the power usage.

    Most of the miners he mentions in the video (like the Gridseed and Zeus units) haven’t been profitable for quite a while even with CHEAP electric.
    He also missed most of thesecond generationminers like the Innosilicon A2, KNC Titan, and Alcheminer (which ARE currently profitable but not by much).

    There are more like 20 altcoins that use Scrypt as an algorithm (or an algorithm CHOICE like DGB), not 100ish.

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