Litecoin – Bitcoin’s Silver? Is LTC Still A Relevant Cryptocurrency?

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Litecoin has been around for quite a few years, and has a large thriving community. In this update video I look at key features, and recent updates as well as considering the continued relevance of Litecoin moving forward.

Whāki: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, tuhi me te whakanoho ano mō ngā take mātauranga.
I tua atu, I currently have a very small amount of Litecoin


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Litecoin – Bitcoin's Silver? Is LTC Still A Relevant Cryptocurrency?

47 kōrero

  1. Ngā mihi, Lark. It’ll be interesting to see if LTC can survive among so many strong competitors.

  2. We will survive through this bear period,Doesn’t matter how long this dark tunnel is but light will come and we will witness together Cryptolark family

  3. Litecoin is the right coin and it’s mainstream adoption and according price rise going to be huge! Go LTC!!!

  4. I think you forgot the most important point. LTC in the test net for BTC. As long as BTC is around, LTC won’t be far away.

  5. I love Litecoin.
    Love the community
    Love the project
    Litecoin will be the first truly adopted crypto currency. Hopefully Charlie will step down soon .Great video lark 👊

  6. The phone needs to come with a small fraction of Litecoin. That would be a great marketing tactic for HTC and would help lead to mass adoption for Litecoin

  7. Shady Does not need to have a high price or people even holding it for it to work as a test net. Thats a terrible argument

  8. Crypto Larkfull disclosure, I’m a LTC fan and holder. My hat is off to you for the most honest, fact-filled assessment of LTC that I’ve ever heard. No surprise though, you consistently do an awesome job bringing information and educated opinion to the crypto world. Respect!

  9. Fact-filled assessment? Come on dude. As a hodlr, you should be aware that ltc does in fact have smart contracts. I roto i te meka, that’s what’s at the very foundation of what Charlie Lee said was the major surprise of 2018. The entire Abra exchange is built on LTC smart contractswhich is HUGE

  10. I tua atu, he managed to omit the recent announcement that Verizon Wireless will be accepting LTC as a payment. This is no small thing. In terms of adoption, LTC is WAY ahead of anything else as a payment method. The way I see it, they have an insurmountable head start. Litecoin isn’t slipping into obsolescence. Charlie Lee is honest, mārama, extremely well connected, and brilliantly knew what he was doing when he branded LTC as the silver to BTC’s gold

  11. TheMilitantMinded1I do not disagree with anything that you are saying. You obviously know a great deal about LTC. But I was not praising CryptoLark for putting together the most COMPREHENSIVE assessment. I was commenting on my observation that he put out a heck of a lot of LTC info in a few short minutes. tenei, as opposed to the many channels that do nothing but read LTC news articles or repeat what some psychic said about LTC. Sure, I’ve heard about the smart contracts and Verizon, but CryptoLark covers a lot of different aspects of crypto space. I’m pleased to have seen his personal summary of LTC. *Edited for spelling error.

  12. Litecoin will likely be the preferred method to open up a payment channel on the LN. Once opened which takes 4 minutes for LTC and 45 minutes for BTC you will then be able to swtich back and forth between them instantly. Litecoin’s historical and technical proximity to bitcoin is key and sets it apart from all other competing cryptocurrencies.

  13. Lightening network has failed, it doesn’t work very well….atomic swaps coming along slowly!


    😂😂😂 this is the mindset idiots have and makes me bullish on LTC! I’m long LTC!

  15. Former Litecoin believer myself. Dump all of it days before the Hoax was supposed to launch Feb 26. It’s DigiByte all the way for me. Never Litecoin again.

  16. but why bitcoin? moni Bitcoin? litecoin?
    when these coins and any like them only are a ledger of transactions and most any other coin is better than them in every way?

    It’s like sticking to DOS when the rest of the world is running on Windows 10

  17. the other competitors have manipulated their way into their respective market cap rankingsthese figures alone are not a gauge of success in crypto, something many new comers are yet to realize.

  18. +KingsRight well, BTC/LTC have the MOST secure networks. All these other currencies tout their speed, but no one would use their network for transacting LARGE AMOUNTS of $.

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