Litecoin and TokenPay partner up with Lisk, Komodo Feature, Ontology and DX Exchange

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Lisk is teaming up with TokenPay and Litecoin foundation owned WEG bank. Mattie will also give you the latest updates from Komodo as well as Ontology's new partnership with MovieBloc. Mattie also talks about Jay Clayton saying that Ethereum ETH is not a security. DX.Exchange also recently announced that they will list security tokens. Go to our website,, for more news.
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Komodo – Quick update feature on KMD

Blockchain Mass Adoption: A New Approach

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DX Exchange ready to list Security Tokens

DX.Exchange is Offering to Trade the Untradeable

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Ontology partners with MovieBloc in a Quest to Decentralize the Movie Industry

Ontology partners with MovieBloc in a Quest to Decentralize the Movie Industry

Lisk (LSK) Moves Up; Joining TokenPay & Litecoin Foundation Owned WEG Bank as Partner

U.S. SEC Chairperson Jay Clayton Clarifies that Ethereum is Not a Security

Rest Assured: Ethereum ETH is NOT a Security

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Litecoin and TokenPay partner up with Lisk, Komodo Feature, Ontology and DX Exchange

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  1. Timestamps:

    DX.Exchange Offering to Trade the Untradeable – 0:40
    Komodo Update – 1:56
    Lisk, TokenPay and Litecoin – 4:36
    Ontology to Revolutionize the Movie Industry – 6:17
    Ethereum NOT a Security – 7:22

  2. Gaming coins are all hype, there’s no proof of work with them. Even tron is struggling. Not to mention that these coins tend to be less protected against inflation due to the lack of mining ergo no halving, therefore discounted valuation via inflation.

  3. Take a screenshot of my message! The Telegram-token will go up in price by 100 times till 2019! This best ICO of the year

  4. There is no specific mention of eth itself not being a security. In fact if you read to the bottom of the article they actually specify that eth is not mentioned.

  5. People who make negative comments about other coins shows the immaturity of the crypto space and how we still have lots of room to growOr it’s just the one making the comment that lacks maturity 🤔

  6. The news from Komodo is interesting, and was reported, not promoted. Although I won’t claim to understand the import of their announcement, I welcome more development in the digital gaming space. Heoi, the recent announcement from Enjin of the release of their SDK on Unity will most certainly be a huge driver for accelerated adoption. So many exciting developments!

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