Lisk Rebranded InterviewSolid Vision, Great Future

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Today I sit down with Thomas Schouten to discuss Lisk and talk about what the rebrand means, how community development is going, and talk about Max Kordek's personal stake in seeing Lisk succeed!

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Lisk Rebranded InterviewSolid Vision, Great Future

28 kōrero

  1. I continue to respect your outstanding interview style. Thank you so much! First impressions are important. ingoa, whakairoiro, color, grammar, punctuation, etc. are not to be underestimated. As an artist, I may be more aware of such thingsat least on a conscious level.

  2. Top List of Larkisms

    Let’s get into it!
    Give us the elevator pitch
    Very Interesting….
    Very Very Interesting
    Long Live the BLOCKCHAIN!

    Love ya, Lark!

  3. Good interviewhope they release Core soon and this market picks up. Lisk at $17 right now is a crying shame…(but a good time to buy if you believe in the project). Did you ask when is Core 1.0’s release date? Is it still 4-6 weeks after the 20th? I know they are working on quality but part of professionalism is hitting deadlines. The relaunch was great

  4. Stuart H if you look at their GitHub there are about 20 tasks to complete and most of those tasks are related to unit tests. They are close.

  5. Thanks Lark! Lisk has been my largest alt position for a while now. I’m so confident in what they are doing that I don’t even look at the price. I wouldn’t be surprised with $300 Lisk once ICOs start. Kia mahara, they’re based in Switzerland, perhaps the most crypto friendly nation 👌

  6. Lisk is a beast, will easily be one of the most accessible, this young & massive team are going to take this crypto to the masseswill be one of the best. Great interview Lark, damn Lisk has a super bright future!!

  7. Thanks for the interview and updates with LISK. My favourite project of them all.

  8. Lisk team have already shown to be setting new standards. Any (potential) investors should watch the relaunch.

    I have full faith in the team – the most professional in Crypto that I have witnessed– that’s coming from someone who works in the digital space, so I have high expectations.

  9. Solid team, solid fundings, solid concept, and solid community. Lisk is the way to go to faster mass adoption!

  10. The unit tests should be written first, not last. Not a great sign, actually. e mea, late tests are better than no tests.

  11. its always something with Lisk. They need a ceo that has business experience. Otherwise great idea.

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