LiskEducation is Key for Blockchain

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Jacob Kowalewski from Lisk Academy and I discuss what Lisk is doing to educate people about blockchain tech and first loves.

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LiskEducation is Key for Blockchain

29 kōrero

  1. Сегодня жетоны пришли из airdrop WAX Я буду хранить монеты до 2019 года) Я чувствую уверенность в серьезном росте!

  2. Thank you Lark for this interview. Lisk comunity on reddit is one of the best if not the best I’ve ever seen. Team is amazing and if they will stick to the roadmap, without a doubt Lisk will be huge.

  3. Great interviews matethank you for putting all these together. You really know how to ask the right questions. One of the best crypto interviewers and one of the best channel overall! 🙂

  4. Great stuff Lark. Lisk is cool. You’re perhaps the most natural and “faitotonu” crypto-profiles on youtube/dtube. Really good role model as well for everyone who wants to be influencers in the space. Kia mau te reira ake! I follow you on Steemit as well ( I’m @scandinavianlife btw ) peace.

  5. Hi James, not sure what gives you the impression that this is a paid interview but it is not, as I mentioned the other day I would be posting a large number of interviews that I did when I went to the Hong Kond the other day, we will return to normal programming from tomorrow

  6. When I learnt that Lisk are building their Lisk Academy that trains and educates (anyone who wants to learn) to build their own blockchain I knew that this was a game changer, the current value is irrelevant. Education really is the missing link.

  7. Hey James, absolutely ridiculous comment about one of the most honest, trustworthy crypto youtubers in the entire space. He is obviously trying his hardest to help all of us understand this fascinating and often confusing new world.

  8. How will you promote your ICO now that Twitter, Facebook and Google banned the ICO/Crypto Ads?

  9. Guys, please give me valuable tips on how to invest in ICOs. I have been following SciDex and would love to hear your opinion about it as well.

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