Let’s Talk Crypto Market Dip!

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One thing is for sure, when the market goes RED, the panic and anxiety among people who got into blockchain for Lambos, because pandemonium. The other side of the coin is investors, get happy as can be. Interesting to see how the right outlook can make a world of difference in how we perceive things about the market.

Let's Talk Crypto Market Dip!

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  1. The dip is getting me excited. I thought I missed the dip and i have some funds to invest. About 7,000 usd.

  2. Lol so many people act like they have a masters degree in crypto though 😂 Good point that crypto is still a new thing, and no one is really an “expert”.💕

  3. jeff is not giving professional financial advice, He is not an advisor please don’t get him confused with a licenced advisor. He is just sharing his opinions.

  4. Jeff,

    I really enjoy your videos, perspective, knowledge, and patience. Keep making great content, I look forward to watching your continuing success.

  5. Weak hands left last Thursday which is good. Futures contract ends this Friday on the CME. So it’s just Wall Street trying to cash in. After that they jump back in. strong hands at 7-8k levels. Those guys won’t sell their Bitcoins. Again very weak hands sold last week after and the CBOE thing. Guys and girls relax.

  6. Im not worried just frustrated right nowfeels like we are going 2 steps forward 3 steps back at the moment.

  7. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul? What can a man give in exchange for his soul” -Jesus

    Enjoy this life in the light of the life of Christ

  8. I sold CND on the rise and made good $ Ill just wait for the dip then re buy. Red sea is always good.

  9. That’s not true. The SEC has very specific guidelines on what is considered a security. Many, many coins fit the description, but not most. A lot of the ICO’s will be nailed for having a public offering without a prospectus or other proper public information being disclosed.

  10. Some of you are mentally strong.. it’s great to know.. i bought btc at 18k, now at 10k.. I’m am worried, but holding cause of you guys.. i hope we see 20k soon so that i sell out ..and perhaps never come back.. its too much stress

  11. CryptoQueen you have a great point. There are people like me who have been Investing in equities and can read charts. I bought my house at the bottom of the housing crisis at 129k in Phoenix which is now worth 285k. Supply side economics will work in any marketplace. It is best to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses in Investing and work on improving your weaknesses. My weakness in this market is the tech so I am trying to learn but I am an older guy so I have my limits I guess.

  12. Damon Warlick well BTC has a very high capitalization so you are better of buying a smaller cap coin that can gain 10X or just even 2X very easily. For BTC to double lets say u bought in at 18K man the market cap has to really go up so much maybe 400B for you to make 2X.

  13. Sobuka . Do you think the market will still trade down/sideways until after the Feb 23rd futures contract ends (which began in December 15)?

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