Ledger Wallet Integrates ArkMonero and Decred on the way

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Ledger Wallet Integrates ArkMonero and Decred on the way

35 kōrero

  1. i received the nano s last week, but i’m so used to paper wallets now, can’t see myself using it , thanks for vid tho

  2. Great newsJust pay last week to get my ledger hard walletWaiting for shipping on October!
    A security investment is a must !
    For NeoWould love to they can develop a better wallet, he “happierone. Don’t think you can generate some gas storing it in ledger.
    Thank you Lark for your great videos!!!

  3. I download the ARK application in my NANO S but it does not open,the litecoin open with the bitcoin wallet but ark does not open,does anyone know what the problems is?

  4. After picking a delegate and voting in the Ark wallet when will I receive payment for the proof of stake? Can’t find any info on this. Ngā mihi!

  5. 69ciclon you have to open the client, and then you have to open the ark application and then you just go to settings and say no to browser support and after that you will see the ledger option in the ark client! Good luck!

  6. have to say what gives with the preorder and not available until…. for the nano s and blue I only coment this because they have obviously made huge revenue yet production has slowedits as if lets see how many pre-orders we get to make the deal with mfg on units?? for price cut to themno prob run business but you in the meantime damage your relations due to lack of supply

  7. Hey ss ss, currently there is no such option. Although ledger has most of the big names

  8. I just see that they have not been able to scale up their production facilities to meet the exploding demand, makes sense to me.

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