LATOKENAsset Trading on The Blockchain

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LAtoken is looking to shake up the way we trade assets.

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LATOKENAsset Trading on The Blockchain

39 kōrero

  1. Na… anyone know where things stand for US citizens who already participated in the ICO? Are we in, or are we going to get a refund?

  2. Been subscribed for a week. Heard about you on the Nexus Slack. Lovin your vids. Thanks for the great content. 🙂

  3. I was wondering the same thing.. I got in a few weeks ago, maybe we’ll just slip under the radar..

  4. My biggest ? Is where would theseassetsbe held like the artwork or precious metals that left me scratching my head

  5. This is a good question! One of the reason why Sotheby’s charge high fees I suppose.

  6. Always good info! (can you please look in to Hextracoin because it’s hot now but I think is like Bitconnect)

  7. What makes the token valueble? Everyone trades with the token so it becomes more expensive?

  8. Hey lark. I found an Ico that looks good. Ether party. Can you do a video on this, it could be huge. Smart contracts for everyone!!

  9. I wonder how you prove ownership of the property. How easy it would be to fraudulently claim something as your own and sell shares of it?

  10. Great info as always. Quick comment for monetary purposes. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  11. Thanks so much for putting in this work! I’m about to talk with them for 20 meneti… will see what they come up with

  12. Hey Lark, sure you didn’t get payed for this one? Boxmining did one on LAT too, one day later, but he made a disclaimer upfront that it’s a sponsored one. What makes me wonder is, that you seem an honest guy and this one somehow just doesn’t flowbad conscience? tonu, an ambitious and interesting project, but let’s see how it will work out. Till now there were a few ico’s that tried to do similar with property and diamonds that proved to be scams. And one that tries this with gold is still on its way and time will tell how this will work out. Na, due diligence. But nicely made anyhow, tnx again!

  13. It is a problem with reviewing ICOs in general, everyone always thinks you are getting paid, some people do and maybe I should be taking that $$, because I end up talking about these projects anyway because viewers request them. Youtube can be a bit of an echo chamber somtimes too. For example the Cobinhood video was massively requested, but like everyone else has talked about it, seems to be the case with LAToken too.

  14. Since the effective contributors have all the rights they had, we do not consider offering any refunds as there were no events or actions negatively affecting the contributors’ rights.

  15. Either a LAToken trustee or the asset owner holds them. Heoi, the asset owner retains their ownership.

  16. 1) Even to make an order for tokenization you need to send proofs of ownership
    2) The trustee will verify if you actualy possess the asset you’re willing to tokenize.

  17. Good research. Tokenization platforms mean the crypto-space is coming to maturity. This is UTILITY ! A comparison with similar platforms would be interesting. e.g. Also ACT? Ngā mihi.

  18. the asset owner retains their ownership.” – – surely you meanthe TOKEN holder has ownership

  19. There is no legal reason why us citizens cannot buy into any ico. Check out jsnip4 video on this. He goes into quite a bit of detail on it

  20. this exchange plays with his clients….
    i had couple Tickets with them and now they block withdrawl witout reason……
    i have 2fa enabled mail and phone verify…..
    so maybe someone can tell me why they need more security check?
    play with clients

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