Kyber Network CEO Loi Lou InterviewDex Time!

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Kyber Network CEO Loi Lou and I discuss decentralized exchanges, main net launch, and much more !
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Kyber Network CEO Loi Lou InterviewDex Time!

32 kōrero

  1. Sounds like a terrific project. Will be interested in buying in. It would be interesting if you interviewed the people at Eidoo. Another decentralized wallet and soon a decentralized exchange.

  2. Love it Lark.

    You have kept up the demand, set a schedule and kept to it. It is hard. We know that.

    On behalf of all the cryptospenders we say,


  3. Remember EOS has not yet delivered, Kyber has been developing for many months, hard to build on a platform that doesn’t yet exist. I am quite bullish on EOS, but the reality currently is that Eth is the big dog, but it needs to adapt hard and quick

  4. Why? NEX is more NEOKyber is more Eth…….Loopring is a protocol for all. I’m going in on all 3 of these projects.

  5. Unlike pokemon I can’t catch em all! I’ll just get Kyber (cause Vitalik!) and NEX (cause matching engine and payouts)

  6. Great video, really enjoying the interviews, it would be nice if there was a 3rd screen from time to time showing images from the company websiteor maybe the roadmapfrom time to time. His answers are fast, clear and relevant, can’t get much better than that.

  7. Very strong project with partnership with Wanchain who partnered with Icon and Aion. Too bad I was not in the ICO but the price today is very sweet. Thanks for the follow up as 0x, Loopring, Airswap and Kyber Network are very serious DEX protocols that could be used by the future DEX and maybe Banks for the bright future of the crypto world. So exciting to have a chance to invest in these protocols so early. Btw Loopring will be used for NEX. Great vids please keep going. Very informative. Did you inyerview the other protocol above?

  8. The Crypto Lark thanks just watching your interview of Daniel from Loopring. I met with him during last devcon in SF made by NEO. Great team! What do you think of Airswap it is also a contender in this specific space?

  9. i wonder how taxes will be handled since they don’t seem to ask for your info and they never hold your funds.. and i’m guessing they don’t keep track of your history of tradesor do they? since it is non-exchange wallet to walletit sounds like it might be easy to lose track of cap gains or avoid taxes..

    I think the governments are going to have a hard time with people giving accurate or any reports for cap gains.. i think the governments need to abandon cap gains yearly reports and switch over to a retail tax that forces all exchanges to collect at time of purchase and time of sale to simplify this mess if they hope to make money.. because reporting crypto is wayyyy too complex. i still haven’t figured out what my own gains are for myself, much less for themi gave up counting. it’s all guessing now.

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