Kleros ICOArbitration on the Blockchain

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Federico from Kleros and I discuss how arbitration on the blockchain will work, how to prevent cheating, and the innovative new ICO model that Kleros is using.
paetukutuku – https://kleros.io/
Ted Talk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL3hK0uoL7I

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Kleros ICOArbitration on the Blockchain

14 kōrero

  1. Ethereum? It’s 2018 everyone is switching to Cardano, I hope Kleros does too 🙂

  2. So what is Kleros for? Good for nothing as the service will not be paid in cleros. At least he is honest. So basically the guy says: You give me money and go your way trading the coin that we are promoting to get money for our project. Right? Then you have the money in crypto and after they finish with their arbitration there is a market dump and you get nothing. Mmm. Maybe if the person could exchange the coins why they are in their hands. But what if It mons and the paye loses the profit. And can’t pay another’s guy. ?? But I want to be clear. I am not criticizing the lerk, I am only sharing my thoughts

  3. Lark awesome interview as always. Raising awareness of great projects. Is there any way you could get on thr guys from Origami Network? Seems a great project and hidden gem on IDEX. They have a working product, good solid partnerships already and investment from the 4th largest bank in France. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  4. Great Interview. Interesting project. …aaaand another one the USA can’t get in on. 🙁
    Did you get a new camera? The video quality is superb!

  5. Hey what’s your thoughts PoS/Masternode crypto currencies like #DeviantCoin $DEV Super High ROI 600% + And also low market cap + low circulating supply, Ngā mihi

  6. Great review Lark! Think you could do something like this with a couple projects like Fr8 Network and/or Muirfield IP? Been hearing alot about them and they seem really interesting. Thanks man.

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