KIN Token Could Be Next To Moon Shot in 2018

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I have been in the KIN token for a long time now and have been bored with holding it. Heoi, because I have been bored with holding and held many other cryptocurrency like it, that all of a sudden started to surge, I feel like it is possible for KIN to surge at some point. I am making this video to talk about a coin with some upside.

KIN Token Could Be Next To Moon Shot in 2018

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  1. I like the coin but it’s at another bullshit exchange(s) again. After buying some COLX yesterday and the experience I had with them I think I’m done with going on any more. I’ve been using 7 whakawhitinga! Done.

  2. You have enough influence to cause a surge in this coin. This video will be proof of that. And if you do, you have to remember, with great power comes great responsibility

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I have a lot of friends, but you, you are my best friend! I watch all your videos man, you rock, keep going we’re behind you!

  4. I’m trying to look for a coin thats way deep down on the list like Ember that we can all get in super early

  5. Be careful Altcoin buzz you’re treading the line of being a pump and dump channel, could lose all your credibility

  6. i totally agree with you. this guy keeps moonshot’ingall coins, even the ones yet to be thought of. Faffing. every day i keep loosing faith on this guy

  7. why mention its already moonshot , your just driving up the price because you got in on the pennies

  8. no value here. you buy everything out there. like going to casino and playing every game and losing big.

  9. KIN will start moving in 2018-2019. Buy and forget it like verge. Those who held verge it took a few years folks

  10. A few people have made videos showing how to get money on and off coinbase for minimal fees. A search will yield good results.

  11. i bought XVG at 0.007 bruh. i didn’t cash out @0.30$ neither am i planned on cashing out on 1$, not on 4$ not on 10$, i wanna see whathappens in 2027 haha 😀 maybe i c an retire that day HODL for life

  12. Exactly buy and HODL everything. Most crypto takes 1-2 years to mature. I sold early in a big position when I first got in crypto space and lost bigtime. lesson learned early!

  13. you’re probably too lazy to read the whitepaper or too incompetent if you think its done mooning, Raiblocks will be a top 10 coins within 6 marama

  14. no just bitter got in late , that could only afford 25 and choose digibyte and bat over raiblocks when was below a dollar

  15. Dont deposit now. I sent $100 worth of litecoin and my wallet is empty still. The site is saying DDOS attack so who knows. I would not trust this site at all.

  16. Mercatox is the best exchange to buy it on and kin is a great token to hold onto. Two years from now myself along with the other ico buyers will be very happy. The ecosystem they’re building is unlike any other crypto out there and anyone who doesn’t buy in now will hate themselves down the line.

  17. People need to realize that a coin with a high supply makes no difference than a coin with 21 miriona. Investors who buy $1k of each coin still make $100 ki te 10% ake i! The coins with higher supply have the advantage in fact. Reason being is that new investors see the price of a coin under $1 and think they are buying a deal.

  18. KIN will be for sure the next moon coin. Look at the roadmap, when they roll out the coin transactions for their stickers all over the world among their millions of users this will shoot the price to $0.02 . KIN is one of the rare coins that really has a huge company with a well established App for years. Which other coin has such a success company with tangible assets in the back? Thus is the time to buy in and hodl for 1 year and make 100x on your invest. Thus is only my opinion

  19. How high can KIN get up to?
    Will it get to $10 or maybe $100 or even higher than that?
    How long will it take to get to lets say $10 and what is its potintal growth?

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