Is Litecoin Cash A Scam Or Legit Altcoin? You Decide!

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Litecoin Cash has been on the market for about 8 trading days so far, but it has not been a good start for that coin. As expected, many of the Litecoin HODLers who had owned their LTC prior to block height 1371111 have decided to unload their LCC as quick as they could.

It's like getting paid dividends on your stock shares in a sense, but to many investors Litecoin Cash may not appear to have the long-term credibility that they are looking for.

With a claim rate of 10:1, LTC holders could claim 10 LCC per LTC that they held at the time of block height 137111. But there are still some people out there who are having difficulty claiming or redeeming their desired Litecoin Cash.

Comment below what you think about this coin, and whether you think it is something worth buying now on its dip, or whether it's just going to be a failed project from the start.

Is Litecoin Cash A Scam Or Legit Altcoin? You Decide!

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  1. The fact that I haven’t received my LCC yet makes me dislike it from the start. -Steve

  2. I got mine at the 10:1 ratio no problem. Whether it’s a scam or not is still up for debate. I used a throw away wallet and the official Litecoin Cash wallet. Worked just fine. Move all your LTC out of the wallet before you transfer private keys. You’ll get your Litecoin Cash.

  3. Aww….. good for him. Yes a break is truly in order Enjoy your well deserved getaway and look forward to when you get back. I anticipate your next video will be highly energetic due to you feeling refreshed.

  4. Altcoin Buzz Jeff’s a great dude. You are too Steve. Now start posting more videos! We demand it! Kihi

  5. I got my 1577 LCC coins.. If you didn’t get them, then you’re doing something wrong.. and at one point they were close to $10.

    I think it’s a better coin than LTC, because it’s been switched from Scrypt to SHA256. It works great for all those have ASIC miners that aren’t earning crap with Bitcoin mining..

    It’s just as fast as Litecoin when sending it from wallet to wallet..

    Did you import your private key into the LCC QT-wallet?!? That’s how I got mine, but I had to download the bootstrap with the QT-Wallet and sync first, then I imported my private key of the wallet that I had all my LTC into..

  6. Steve.

    If you had them on exchange it wont work.

    I think Coinomi was the only exchange supported the fork.

    And Charile Lee started his LTC from a BTC fork.

  7. I got mine by moving my Litecoin to the Exodus wallet, then moved it out straight back after the fork. Then I exported the private key for the Exodux wallet, and then uninstalled Exodus. Then I used the official LCC wallet, imported the private key for the Exodus, and yes, the LCC did deposit there successfully. Now in the markets we see Crypto Bridge trading at 0.29, Trade Satoshi trading at 0.28, SouthXchange trading at 0.34 a 0.40, and Yobit trading at 2.78. No brainer, matau? Except that Yobit won’t accept deposits for the moment. So I think I’ll just sit on it for a while, see if it goes to other exchanges and see if there’s more consistency in the price.

  8. I’m a mod on the discord and have a chat with the devs via voice and it feels legit enough that im putting my name an face on the project.

  9. All u need is the private key paired with the public key where you had your LTC at the time of the fork. It’s easy to claim with the LCC wallet.

  10. rossconuts yes, but the litecoin would’ve had to be in a wallet in which you had access to private keys at the time of the fork. just make sure you move litecoin cash out of your wallet before importing keys

    Jsnip4 has a great tutorial on YouTube search his name and litecoin cash and there’s about 3 videos

  11. I got my LCC 😎 scam or not I got them for freebefore u share your keys remove all LTC from thay wallet!!! Exodus in my case.
    Everything worked without a problem. Lee may not be happy about it but does it make it a scam?🤔

  12. Ko au hoki, worked just fine, thrown away old wallet, installed LCC wallet, received LCC.

  13. Lmao the intro made me shoot coffee out of my nose…, did not expect to laugh this hard xD
    Please warn next time I did not expect this level of sophisticated humor. Wassu, wassu, wassup !!

  14. its easy dude, literally just import the old wallets private key into your LTC Cash wallet (make sure to move funds out of it first). ka e ahau 10 ki 1, but only had 2 LTC so not much really 🙁

  15. I got my Litecoin Cash with no problems, quick and easy. I don’t really care if its a scam or not, I already got rid of it.

  16. It doesn’t really matter what I or you think here – Charlie Lee, a man who sold his massive LTC position so he could continue to work on it without conflicts, has already said his thoughts on it. Now no one in their right mind would believe in it.

  17. I got mine with no problem. I just can’t do anything with them but watch them drop.

  18. roger has nothing to do with it. You can decide what you think. Charlie Lee doesn’t want competition. If you haven’t recieved it join our discord we will walk you through it.

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