Is Cryptocurrency A Security, Property, Utility Token, Or Money?

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With so many government agencies trying to stake a claim over cryptocurrency, we would like to hear YOUR opinion on what it means to you. Do you consider crypto to be a security, property, utility token, or money?

Comment below what you think!

Personally I believe it depends on the cryptocurrency itself, and that rules cannot be defined so clearly across the whole spectrum of Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Is Cryptocurrency A Security, Property, Utility Token, Or Money?

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  1. It will be considered a new asset class similar to a security. Which is why it’s important for platforms planning to offer cryptocurrency services be set up as a security exchange.
    Like ETHOS

  2. How do they enforce taxation? You send from wallet A to wallet B.. say coins are stolen.. how they prove youre not lying?

  3. Surely if crypto is classified in a taxable way, when you profit you pay tax. If this is so, come June (in Australia), and cryptos are down, I should be able to claim that loss, as well as part of my power bill, mobile recharge costs and so on. Am I correct?

  4. I started in December, and in this situation I think I’m learning for the next one, hodl !

  5. Great video I think more people should look into this, me personally I will keep it real from my point of view I think it should be looked at as whatever is taxed the least. My reason is I don’t want to pay a lot of taxes and then years from now they come to a conclusion that it should be taxed different so until you actually know what it is, tax as less as possible. I also want as much of my money as possible that’s my honest outlook on this matter. I don’t think they look at the benifits I think they are just like me they want the most they can get out of a person by any means.

  6. until the courts have had their say about whether or not tokens and coins are securities we simply wont know the answer! the SEC can interpret the law as it wishes to see it, but the judges may not interpret it the same way! and what i find most often is, that, branch of governments are worse for misinterpreting the law towards their own advantage and bias than any private organisation would dare tooand because they are government people take them as the Authority and dare not question itits going to take a court case to sort this one out! but it will take someone with balls of crypto to dare take them onwe should raise money by starting an ICO to fund the case against them 😉

  7. the markets recover, the market cap is increasing from 360 billion usd yesterday to 390 Billion usd currentlythe buying alarm is ringing

  8. Still down 75% on all of my portfolio lol 😂 feel sad but patiently waiting for recovery….

  9. U put in 1k fiat from ur bank or CC to buy btc on a exchange,ka 1 year later u get 2k from that same bank leading that 2k from a exchange to ur bank account.Got u.1k for taxation,easy.

  10. Good to know that you live in Arizona. The state government is considering accepting crypto for tax purposes. Super cool.

  11. Doesn’t matter what we call it, here in the US we are all pretty much stuck with what the IRS wants to call it.. Because they are going to want their taxes and there will be nothing that we can do about it.

  12. Andre v d ende this truebut keep in mind crypto is peer to peer so another way around it is that I sell that 2k worth of bitcoin to someone in person for cashso cash still serves a purpose. Always a way

  13. Maybe yes,i am sure they will close all the gaps,they need the tax.And its good to pay tax,wel i dont know it in usa.Tax makes roads ,schools,streetlight and so on.

  14. Andre v d ende yes we need tax for some necessities but they need to be honest about it and use it wiselythen I would have no problem with it, but I do think they need to rid income tax because I shouldn’t have to pay money to make money.

  15. Arizona is a progressive state. While other states are banning crypto as a retirement investment Arizona is permitting it for tax payment. You don’t have to deal with daylight savings either.

  16. what we need just hold and additional buyer into the markets then we will to the moon again

  17. In Oz you don’t get to claim capital losshowever if you had some capital gains that year on something else, you can claim it as a reduction in the taxable gains. For example if you sold two housesone at a profit of $100k and one at a loss of $60k, you’d only pay CGT on $40k.

  18. The only people who have to deal with Daylight Savings in Arizona are those who live on the Navajo reservations. The Navajo Nation does it to keep their people on the same time zone across AZ, NM, CO, and UT. -Steve

  19. dave javu: Crypto Raptors u.s. government is so small for effect on world wide cryptocurrency. Japan and Korea are so dominant. Small fish to big whales using bots are what is happening and they will use the news to manipulate.

  20. Xinthisis This! It’s a new asset class, it’s not the traditional security. If it is a security that would exile probably 99% of americans. That would be a death blow, no doubt.

  21. They are going to go after exchanges, that’s the only way they could come close to regulating cryptocurrency. At least Fiat gateways. IRS and coinbase have been at it for 2 years now.

  22. Look at the market psychology, we’re in a bear trap, fud everywhere, there is no confidence in the market and low volume proves that.

  23. mustangmanx Would only exile 99% of msb model platforms leaving platforms in compliance with Securities Exchange law left.

  24. ToRqC
    , lol this very channel u follow have had their positionsREKT”. Nobody has a crystal ball, but we will be better prepared for this BULL RUN

  25. Excited about adoption and reckognition. I agree on holding and not paying. It proves to me that governments see the value because they want you to pay it so they can hold it and make profits. Be cautious.

  26. What a dumb reply. Every one has to get in sometime. If you believe in crypto December / January won’t be seen as an all time high for long. Imagine the poor people who got in at the ATH in 2016!

  27. Buy the dip. When it retraces you will make your money back and some. I just bought NCASH, Coinmeet, NEBL, and upfiring

  28. I respect your oponion because i feel everyone has the right to express that. I personally dont take a polotical stance, but to say you hope our stste burns is crossing the lines. Arizona does have wild fires every year. Im from prescott and there were 19 hotshots that were killed here a few years back. How donyou think their famalies feel? Watch the movie and you might think before you wish destruction on a state. United we should stand.

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