Iran Launching a Cryptocurrency? This is Why! – o teie mahana Crypto News

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I roto i tenei ataata, Mattie talks about the most recent events in the world of crypto. That includes the decline of the Winklevoss twins bitcoin etf as well as the rumor about Iran possibly creating a crypto. Learn more about the most recent news in this video! Ko te wāhanga ia rā tenei.
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Iran Is Planning To Launch Its Own Crypto Currency To Avoid American Sanctions

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Iran rial plunges to new lows as U.S. sanctions loom

Iranian Rial Inflation Statistics



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Iran Launching a Cryptocurrency? This is Why! – Today's Crypto News

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  1. Independance from the evil, killing, and usurping, bullying, thieving and lieing corp that is the American hegemony.

    Anyone who doesnt agree to the demands of the U.S. immediately gets sanctioned to the hilt..Yes to independance!!!

  2. Can’t wait for the day when currency and labour value is equal around the world!!

    Every country you don’t like, just strangle them with sanctions, bomb them, downgrade their companies and economy with the agencies.

  3. I’m from Iran.. I got into crypto at ATH around December January .and despite the fact that we are seeing the crypto fall but because of the inflation the we see in Iran my portfolio is the same !!
    Another word even though im down crypto in crypto ..I’m high in rial .
    Crazy times

  4. Survivalist dosent matter.
    The story is predestined.
    The final battle will be islam vs zionism.
    They will anihilate eachother.

  5. wow so the decrease in crypto market value roughly mirrors the decreased value in the Rial since Jan?
    Thanks for sharing, alireza

  6. Iranian annual inflation has been less than 10%. The inflation chart you represented in your video is called point to point inflation chart. It still shows the annual inflation calculated between the same month this year and last year (Or the base year of the calculation). hoki tauira, if it shows June: 8% hoki 2018 it means the inflation for a period of 12 months ending June has been 8%. The inflation is not much of an issue in Iran. Ko, Central Bank of Iran is just predicting a larger number for next year as Currency devaluation makes Imports more expensive.

  7. The FUD described is a direct correlation for institutions trying to get their act together to buy into crypto at the lowest price. It’s all a game of deception to kick the little guys like us out of the system. Don’t fear, HODL your crypto and you will be smiling next year.

  8. Thanks for the info Mattie, been following what you guys at Altcoin Buzz have been doing for a long time now and you remain one of the top channels for a reason. Keep up the good work, you inspire small creators like myself to really have a good try at creating crypto content! I’ll continue to support your videos and i’ll keep smashing the like.

  9. Great video !Iran just started block chain. Could this be a blessing in disguise ? And could push them to be the leading block chain giants in the world ? Could the sanctions be forced opportunities, that would make them very happy in the future?

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