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Hycon https://www.hycon.io/ is a hot blockchain out of Korea with promising technology and solid partners.

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I tua atu, Ahau kihai i tēnei wā haumi i roto i tenei kaupapa, engari kia whakaaro mahi na i roto i te heke mai.

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Ngā mihi mō te te mātakitaki; rite tēnā, ohauru, a faaite i te mea e kitea e koe i tenei whai hua!

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Hycon ReviewKorean Blockchain Tech

23 kōrero

  1. Good Coverage bro, gota pay the bills. I appreciate the in depth info. Its so hard to keep up with all the new projects..😱😵🤪. Sounds like a decent project, will definitely be pointing my miners that way for a bit. Keep it up Lark!

  2. You are straight on target with what Hycon needs to keep doing, achieving those partnerships. I believe Hycon has a strong future as well as adoption and bull markets will come along. P.S. since we are looking at undervalued projects, mind taking a look at Loki? It’s uses monero’s code and operates a masternode system in an inflating system. I think it’s great they hired a theory mathematician to establish their cryptoknight/masternode hybrid system with future prices. In order to achieve great security, security has to be expensive…. Loki Net I think is the game changer of privacy coins, I don’t really see any privacy coins creating a decentralized private internet (stronger than tor) or a SNAPP (security node) applications private mode. Loki is the new evolution of Privacy coins with blockchain tech. Ultimate Privacy Freedom

  3. Given that there is already another blockchain called Icon, I probably wouldn’t call my project Hycon. It would be like like starting a sports company and calling it Nikey. Although, having said that, it does sound like a fairly decent project.

  4. God dammit Lark, i want to buy every coin/token you review…..bdw if you start selling those shirts i would buy 2 :)…keep it up, cheers!

  5. Thanks for all your help. We would like to watch CEO of Oyster Bill Cordes on your channel. Lot of interesting things happened with the project last week. We would like to know more about it and more about the project.

  6. Hycon is such an underrated project, i believe bull market is imminent, and hycon is likely to go to moon when bull market comes and people pay attention to cryptos again.

  7. you are totally wrong ?? please do some reading and research join the Hycon community and see for your self, HYCON have ties with the Korean GOV and signed MOU’s with Huge Banks and foreign govs and big corps and orgs, the mining distribution is set to be 70% for PUBLIC MININGhow and what are you calling a scam? a company that has been there since 2012, widely recognised, with tons of projects, daam how dare you talk with 0 knowledge, don’t limit your self, there is one project of theirs that applies to you, check http://www.glosfer.com/health-analysis there you go, a cool one, a mental health product, you should try it’ll help you get better.

  8. Hycon. looks very promising. some what of an oxymoron coming from south Korea. but then again many innovative developers are there. love to see an update on this project in a few months. good presentation btw sincerely JR

  9. Curious, what’s your source for the Nov. 12th Korean exchange listing? I searched through their Twitter and didn’t see a mention of that.

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