Huge Money Flooding Into BitcoinNew Price Highs Inevitable

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Huge Money Flooding Into BitcoinNew Price Highs Inevitable

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27 kōrero

  1. So many claims of so much money flowing into bitcoin,so why does the price not reflect this?

  2. Rakuten is huge, I can confirm that living in Japan for 15 tau, and also some NBA teams even have the Rakuten logo on their jersey

  3. The market isn’t effected yet because they are selling their in-house stock of bitcoin. Once this drops below a certain amount then the true availability of bitcoin becomes apparent that is when demand will outstrip supply and then things get interesting, you’re right it’s HUGE

  4. Too bad this money is flowing out as fast as it goes in, as evidenced by yet another rug pull. Smh.

  5. Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track.

    Last 2015 Łitecoin reward halving signalled the arrival of the 2015 – 2017 puhake utu …🚴🏻‍♀️….🌤

  6. Remember that OTC volume also means that people are selling OTC. If the volume were buys only, I’m sure this would arbitrage into rising spot prices.

  7. I believe you are one of THE MOST REALISTIC and RELEVANT Crypto dudes out right now. YOU are awesome bro. Much Love. I’ll keep watching and sharing your videos. Thanks Lark!

  8. Haihe. I thought Bakkt had to create a third party to do custody because of conflicts of interest?

  9. The amazon forrest has also been burning for 3 weeks with NO media coverage! Spread the word we need to extinguish with our collective mind power 🙂

  10. Scale, like Gary V. says about a digital world, now post-2007. One word: SCALE. Like you cannot imagine. We individual buyers with our little crypto wallets are not only early, wayyy before the masses, we’re talking the backend of the backend at this point, by the time the first wave of institutional players gets involved, that layer of infrastructure alone is going to need to price 100x minimum. (meaning what we’re buying right now is similar to buying a DSL internet connection in 1998. It would be a few years before people realize, “wow, I can download music *and* movies too?” $100 = ~0.001, like the ¥?? )

    Their margins are not only to be inconceivably higher (so you don’t/can’t buy millions of satoshis at a time) someone very wealthy is sitting under a coconut tree right now on a mission of planning forever. This could devalue our dollar beyond recognition. It could bleed a corrupt global system, into a new way no one’s ever experienced, where none of the rules or considerations before could even compare. So I’d get ready for the future and STACK SATS!

  11. Pouring in….price plunging down lol

    I know it’s manipulated by the super rich. Why I wish it would be distributed more evenly to the people.

  12. @Theunis Wessels really you don’t know if the market will be their tomorrow? Lol how did you ever survive a bear market with hands made of jello?

  13. @Bitcointhug To make it simple for you.The future of this market is still very uncertain.

  14. Welcome back Larksome see acorns, you see the Forest. Ki te, we’re Right on
    Long term Bitcoin, we will be Winners. Buckle up for the ride of a Lifetime.

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