HUGE Crypto Updates! Buy BITCOIN in NY, Facebook to launch GlobalCoin, Telegram TON Q3!

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The US telecom giant, AT&T will now begin to accept bitcoin payments, Facebook's GlobalCoin is set to launch in q1 2020, Telegram is set to launch TON in q3 2019, Robinhood has launched crypto trading in New York, and MORE in Today's Crypto News.
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AT&T Becomes 1st Major Mobile Network to Accept #Bitcoin Payments

AT&T Becomes 1st Major Mobile Network to Accept Crypto Payments

#Facebook Cryptocurrency, ‘GlobalCoin’ Set to Launch in Q1 of 2020: pūrongo

Facebook Cryptocurrency, ‘GlobalCoinSet to Launch in Q1 of 2020: pūrongo

Facebook to Launch ‘GlobalCoin’; Can it Be Trusted With Crypto?

pūrongo: #Telegram to Launch TON Network in Q3 2019

Robinhood, the popular stock and crypto investing app, has officially launched cryptocurrency trading in New York.

Robinhood Zero-Fee Trading App Launches in New York

Built on Zilliqa Unstoppable Domains raises $4 miriona

Decentralized Domain Registry Raises $4 Million From Draper, Boost VC

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HUGE Crypto Updates! Buy BITCOIN in NY, Facebook to launch GlobalCoin, Telegram TON Q3!

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  1. Ouuuall these signals looking like the institutions are making moves on BlockChain. Gives me more confidence in a proper Bull Run coming soon

  2. What platform could facebook global coin build off of ? Etherium, bitcoin etc????

  3. cell service companies will get destroyed with Elon Musk and his satellites free wifi all you need it a phone and you don’t have a service bill

  4. *Nice Job you’re doing World Crypto Network. Buying into cryptocurrencies is a mental attitude. Its a mindset. If you don’t allow yourself to understand what crypto is and what bitcoin is about to become, you are going to hate yourselves shortly for not paying attention. I lost 3bitcoin when I started trading CRYPTO it was devastating, I was lost until I found a comment about Edwin contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, I have earned 11bitcoin in less than 3 month from his Tradings. He is so competent, faitotonu, consistent and very experienced, Do contact him via e m a i l – [[ castroedwin195@gmail . c om ]] or via telegram:@castroedwin1 whatsapp+1(845)400-7574thank me later..

  5. doubling your bitcoin is better than holding, Edwin may your days be long, i wonder how Edwin learnt this

  6. Can you explain the use of Cryoto .com’s CRO and MCO’s credit card. Ae, I have read up on the project, but I’m struggling with all the different terms and how they mesh together. And tell me why they have different market caps that are billions apart? Thanks so much.

  7. Are we just ignoring that ETN partnered with a South African MVNO and allow direct top ups using ETN, no swapping to bitpay

  8. FYIYou can trade crypto on Robinhood, but you can’t access the coins to move them anywhere, private address, cold storage, an exchange, etc.

  9. AT&T isn’t recognizing that their customers are interested in paying in Bitcoin. Instead they’re recognizing the fees for them are less than credit card fees. Even if only a small percentage of people pay with Bitcoin, it’s a no-brainer for AT&T or any merchant to offer crypto payments as an option. With cheaper fees than credit cards and an instant conversion to fiat eliminating crypto volitiliy risk, it makes sense

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