How To Research ICO’s and Hot Cryptocurrency Before Hitting the Exchange

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This is a video outlining some of the resources you can utilize to do research on ICO's and cryptocurrency before they hit the exchange, potentially giving you a chance to get in early on strong projects with momentum.

How To Research ICO's and Hot Cryptocurrency Before Hitting the Exchange

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  1. Jeff! Check out this Privacy coin CybcSec. Low market cap. Solid project. Lot’s of room to grow. I believe this will go to the moon anytime now.

  2. Jeff, please take a look at APPC on binance. It’s newly listed and not even on CMC as of yet

  3. 120k SUBS!!! Mad love coming your way!! There is a major difference between NOOBS misunderstanding and venting frustration, and HATERS. I hope you can tell the difference!!!


    How does this PATREON thing work?

  4. Its a good one alright, but remember its part of the tron network. better to buy game or tron? something to think about.

  5. Exactly, that’s why they don’t normally get much market cap until they hit better exchanges.

  6. KIN IS STILL SOO CHEAP and they switch to stella network because eth cant handle their volume. created by KIK with 10000000 user already and they got a good team from KIK

  7. Mambutu O’Malley i missed out on last nights DFScoin 1000% gain because of cryptopia lagging with sales. Jumped from like .008 ki .3 ka .4 in like 30 hēkona. Then down to .1 with in a minute. Screw cryptopia.

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