How to Read Cryptocurrency VolumeMarket Analysis Bitcoin Crypto NewsIndications to Look For

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Today on this weekly wrap-up, We take a closer look at 3 things in Crypto that matter to your Portfolio.
1. Long-term Volume Trends (Macro)
2. Short-term Volume Trends (Micro)
3. News items you should be aware of that could increase volume in the crypto space.

Links from this episode:

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World’s Leading Darknet Market Puts Finishing Touches on Monero Integration

Bitcoin Cash Developers Propose Imminent Block Size Increase to 32MB

HYCM Trading Platform Adds XRP and Bitcoin Cash CFDs


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How to Read Cryptocurrency VolumeMarket Analysis Bitcoin Crypto NewsIndications to Look For

22 kōrero

  1. I like where this chanel is goingeveryone offers different knowledge and expertisevery well made!!! Keep up the great work @AltcoinBuzz

  2. Got a question, not relevent to the video, sorry. I like using Coinbase/GDAX for the interface, and so I can see how much it’s worth through both web and phone.

    Is it safe to leave crypto on the exchange with 3 step verification? (Using Vaults)

  3. Way better! More base, maturity and the timing is better. You’re brave as hell for stepping back in front of this audience. I think a lot of people like Jeff in the crypto space because he feels authentic. Knowledge is nothing without authenticity- authenticity is nothing without knowledge. Thank you for highlighting the larger perspective, it’s easy to forget in the peaks and valleys of the crypto space.

  4. Good topic. I’ve been wanting to understand better what is happening and where. Picked up some good pointers.

  5. I really like this guy and his insight knowledge Great video def would like to see more like this 👍🏼

  6. Great Vid but you might turn up the volume next time. The speakers on my laptop aren’t that big.

  7. very good! one of the best vids this week together with the neo-eth comparison one.. and the cheap alt coin talks are always a pleasure to listen to too. keep em comin!

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