Bread CoinPopular Coin Brand New To Market

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The Bread coin, is looking to simplify your ERC20 token positions into a simple and easy.

Bread CoinPopular Coin Brand New To Market

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  1. Bread coin?”
    Yup bread coin
    Whys it called bread coin?”
    Bc that’s all I make homie
    *walks away with a bread on bread sandwich*

  2. Please you could make a video explaining the best way to cash out when you have benefits, where to trade and how to do it in the best/safest way, thanks for all your videos !

  3. Ethos is the more superior platform over bread. Bread only have an erc20 wallet. Ethos have a top 100 coin universal wallet out q1 2018 plus more features. Jeff, I think a video comparison of the 2 platforms would be an awesome video?

  4. I think ETHOS is still better. I checked out the reviews on the Google play store on BREAD and they didn’t look too good. People complaining since the App was renamed to BRD

  5. So many altcoins, I can’t keep up. I’m getting exhausted, but I kinda like it? I need sleep.

  6. Once the CV2 swap to COLX is completed and they are listed on cryptopia. COLX will see a HUGE increase in price. Grab some now before that happens!

  7. I think the difference is in the financial regulation compliance. If you read the whitepaper, Ethos is currently restricted on an international level because it’s difficult to meet these requirements. The way Bread works allows them to circumvent those requirements by never handling your coins/tokens directly. This video doesn’t go into it but if you watch the second video in the Bread website (te 10 min interview) the CEO talks about that aspect of their system. fakatāutaha, I like them both.

  8. grevriel avarroson Well Bread will still bemoney transmitters” rite 99% of exchanges and crypto wallet services which means higher fees etc.Ethos will be much higher up the financial regulatory foodchain so they will have a big advantagepleanty of room for competition in this space however, bit like Google though,before they came along there were around 21 search engines, the reason Google became no1?…they offered a slick looking product that appealed to non techy users and they delivered superior search resultsEthos….will be offering a super slick beautiful looking App/crypto platform aimed at non techies/newbies….

  9. most coins on binance are good. this one is new and has a low supply and working platform. i am interested

  10. The worst part about having a broken leg is…… the bread and milk is always at the back of the store

  11. maybe tomorrow yea, and if you avoid soft drinks, plus do some flossing every other day or so your teeth will never go out!

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