Blue Moon in 2018? Ether Blue Big updates! Ethereum and erc20 tokens issues and more

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In todays video, we talk about Blue the cryptocurrency as we revisit it and see what vulnerabilities they are facing. Can Blue make altcoins and cryptocurrencies more secure in 2018?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Blue?


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Blue Moon in 2018? Ether Blue Big updates! Ethereum and erc20 tokens issues and more

27 kōrero

  1. I have this token, tata 1000 of them, but with a market cap of just 7million it’s the most risky hold I have.

  2. BLUE analysis tool did not review 1M smart contracts and find 34,200 vulnerabilities, it was the MAIAN analysis tool, which BLUE only mentioned in their whitepaper, BLUE analysis tool made their own scanning and found that more than half of smart contracts contain critical flaws! Re-read this part of the whitepaper and you will see your mistake. But thanks for the video nevertheless! <3

  3. You said at the end that the market hasn’t really been moving for Blue. It’s gained 100% from it’s bottom, one of the best movers in the space since the bottom. It just doesn’t look that great on the graph as it lost 90% of its value from ATH 🙂

  4. So if I hold some of these blue tokens I will gain some sort of access to blockchain analysis automatically? What sounds wonderful for investors I just don’t know exactly how it’s going to in real-time use

  5. Yep, you’re right. Screwed all up in my notes too. Thank you for pointing it out. Hope the video was helpful outside of that!

  6. You’re right, I wasn’t being very clear. I was referring to the nice surge over the last couple of days in the market overall and Blue’s release of the white paper didn’t result in any dramatic changes. But it has gained nicely over the last 10 ra.

  7. Altcoin Buzz is a team made up of several talented people. I love all the videos and different perspectives! Awesome channel!

  8. Adam McEwen cool. I was using the wallet but I didn’t find a way to add erc20 tokens onto it.
    So i went to meta

  9. Pretty good!
    A little slow for my taste and repetitive.
    I suggest video editing.
    Try to go a little faster in some topic.

  10. why does the blue wallet need toread and change all your data on the websites you visit”?

  11. because they added a feature that blocks phishing websites for you automatically when you visit them

  12. fidlak1 all like Rock2?
    You need to add that token.
    How do you add new tokens to Blue wallet?

  13. it should now support all erc20 tokens that are listed on, it has more default tokens than myetherwallet, I am not sure about Rock2, but since I cannot find it on CMC I guess it does not.. adding erc20 tokens is a planned feature too

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